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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CBC Radio 2 Pacific

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CBC Radio 2 Pacific Birthday bashings. You're OK, Trailer. See you Saturday. I bet you wouldn't even know how to kiss a internet Trailer. If you saw a internet CBC Radio 2 Pacific gash, you'd put a plaster on it. All right, man? What have been saying about my party? Spreading the word. You have friends already. I don't even know people. You will. Trust me. It's gonna be good. Yeah? Not the same shitty bike again. Bring on the chuck. Hey! Hurry up, Bulger, you fat Trailer. Party. Woohoo! Someone's got a bit of drink. This place brings back memories. Nice. Yeah. There's Bulger. There he is. Hurry guys. Let's go. We've work to do. Nice. Three hours to go. Let's get to work. Relax. We just got in the door. Online Trailer, where's the peanuts? You forgot them, didn't you? Online Trailer, shut up. Get you head in the game. Tom, this is easy. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. Online Trailer, that needs to go higher. You have it arse ways. Trailer off. No, you Trailer off, Online Trailer. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. What are you doing? Blow these up. Can someone cover up those bins? They look terrible. Did you get the crepe paper? I bought skins. You bought skins? That what you meant? No, I meant crepe paper. But don't worry. It's only been his first party in like six years. Good work. Now all we need is some bodies. Bring on the fanny fest. Oh, sorry. Sorry, ladies. You having a good night? Uh, yes. Thanks. I'm Online Trailer. What's your name? Wanker. It's OK. Aside from the random nobodies and all the ugly people. Well, no, I look fierce, but the rest of them, please. CBC Radio 2 Pacific Oh my God. Just a random uglier in the shortest dress ever. You can practically see her thing. Lots of people here. It's deadly. Is it? Yeah. Have you seen Kate? No. Oh my God, there she is. What's going on? She's too good for you. No, no. When she's had a few drinks, I'm telling you... Whatever. Those blowjob lips will be gagging for mickey. Here, lads, group shot. Let me see those Trailer faces. Bulger, that's a Trailer face? Did you get the fairy lights? Oh God. Delete that. I've such a double chin. Trailer's sake, Tom. You need to relax, man. Sorry. Relax. Chill. It's time to party. Nice shot. I picked up a sniper and took all three of their heads off. Boom, straight away. It was incredible. I'd never done that before. I ran into the pit, and one picked up the over shield. And I jumped on his head three times. Assassinated him. It was incredible. Hash cookie? No. They give me the shits. Up the lift, spin around, get the other in the head. You're not listening, are you? Dude, gimme that cookie. I ate it. You ate the whole thing? Jesus, man, that's like the equivalent of like joints. You're gonna be so Trailered up. You better hope Kate doesn't arrive in the next hour. Seriously. Shit. Tom, are you OK? I can't. What? CBC Radio 2 Pacific here, by the way. Where? She's coming now. Hey, guys. Hey. I have to go do stuff. CBC Radio 2 Pacific I love your hair. Come on, Bulger. Let's dance. It's a great party. I ate a cookie. Tom, are you stoned? High? Me? No. Yeah. But you made it. That's great. I didn't know you knew so many people.