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Sunday, April 13, 2014

GotRadio Rock

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What other animal has five eyes? And opabinia wasn't the only oddball. Online Radio was once thought to be an ancestor of earthworms, but now is considered to be an early snail. Most of the Burgess Shale creatures are unlike anything ever discovered before. There were countless bizarre creatures living in the Cambrian Seas, This unprecedented surge of diversity was something that had never happened before and would never happen again. For many years, scientists excavated and scrutinised the Shales looking for the causes of the Cambrian explosion. Their first task was to try and reconstruct what these strange Online Radio must have looked like when they were alive and that was not at all easy. This is one of the oddest of the fossils from Burgess Shales. It seems to have five legs along the bottom, and curious kind of lobes along the top, which presumably were some devices, which help it to feed. But what kind of animal is that with five walking legs and feeding lobes along the top of its back? It was such an extraordinary thought that the scientist who described it thought it was a kind of hallucination, and he called it "hallucigenia". But since then, more specimens have shown that in fact, this is probably the wrong way up and that it was really like that. The projections at the bottom are, in fact, legs. And those along the top are tipped with sharp spines that were presumably, defensive. Perhaps these Online Radio evolved these strange shapes because they needed to protect themselves? But if so, from what? Where were the predators? Noone could find a likely candidate. And then the answer came from a couple of fossil species that they had known almost from the very beginning. One of the strangest fossils found here is this. It's also one of the commonest. But what is it? Well, it has what looks like legs, so you might think it was some kind of caterpillar, or shrimp maybe. But the most mysterious thing about it was that they never found one with a head.

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