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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rock 107

Rock 107, Online Rock 107 Radio internet, Rock 107 ABD Radio Then how come he changes lanes whenever we do? Do it, mom. You'll see. Do it, mom. O.K. See? Gone. [Car honking] He's back. Probably wants to dissect us To see how we work. O.K. Face front. Let's lose him. Exactly. Take evasive action. Why am I doing this? Am I losing my mind? [Tires squealing] [Car horn honking] Jeez, mom. Where did you learn to drive like that? Traffic school. I got it. Stop eating my food. Stop eating it. Ha ha ha! Mom. Hmm? Did you love dad at the beginning? Of course I did. He was very sweet. He used to bring me flowers and Games even sang to me Games before he started drinking. Yeah, but then he Games will I ever get to see him again, mom? Of course you will. Every summer. [Car brakes squeak] Um Games wait here a second, honey. Mm-Hmm. Um, excuse me, officers. Um, I know this sounds paranoid, But I think that silver Buick has been following us. O.K., Ma'am. We'll have a talk with him. Appreciate it. Thank you. Mom. Huh? Well, I guess it's nothing. I'm just going to the bathroom, o.K.? All right. [Dialing] [Man] Hello. Hi, honey. California? You going to Disneyland? Uh-Uh. We're going to live there. No kidding. You and your mom, huh? Yeah, and, uh, someone else. Your dad, I bet. Yeah. Well, sort of. Stepfather, huh? My folks got divorced, too. Rough, wasn't it? I asked the police to check it out. What happened? Nothing. He left Games whoever he was. Listen, has Bonner been by? Have you seen him? I was getting to that. Neighbors saw his car parked here last night. Oh, no. Look, uh Games go to the highway patrol. Would you do that? The sheriffs at the diner already think I'm nuts. Just give them the license plate number, o.K.? I'll meet you at the coach house in evergreen As soon as I get a flight, o.K.? O.K. Uh, hold on. Are you gonna go to Disneyland When you get out there? Eric? What do you say, Eric? Let me give you some free passes. Eric. Coming! I got to go now. Sorry. Bye now. Oh, here he is. I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to see you either. Um Games i miss you. I miss you, too. I'll be there soon. O.K. Bye. Bye. [Thunder] It had been following you since Topeka, did you say? Eric said he had seen it since then. Your son's ? Yes. And your husband's a peace officer? Ex-Husband. Well, we have a license plate. We'll look for it. Call us if it commences to following you again. Thanks. Let's go, honey. Ooh. You o.K.? I don't feel so good, mom. I think it was that pie. Which piece? Come on. The arrival of flight from Philadelphia Has been delayed due to the weather. Flight to Denver has been delayed. Flight with service to San Diego Has been canceled. Flight with service to Des Moines has been delayed. How are you feeling? Terrible. We'll be there shortly. I can't drive faster because of the rain. That's o.K. I'm out of it. [Thunder] Mom. Hmm? Just relax, sweetie. Is there someone behind us? Well, maybe. Pull over! Mom? I know. Pull over! Pull over! Come on! Move over! There's a truck ahead. [Tires squealing] Pull over! Go on! Pull over! Get over! [Truck horn blowing] You o.K.? Uh-Huh. Really, mom. Where did you learn to drive like that? Um Games don Slade's competitive driving school. I, uh, took a course After your dad and I separated to, uh Games work out my aggression. [Eric] Ooh. We'll be there in a minute. Too late. I won't make it. Remember when I drove you back from camp When I had the chicken pox? You looked pretty funny. Hey, so did you when you had it. Yeah, but I'm a kid. [Eric] Uh-Oh. He's back. Who's back? Your dad? The Venusian. Oh, god. Sit back. [Starts engine] Mom, what are you doing? What do you want from us? What the hell do you want? [Dialing] Coach house inn. How may I direct your call? Has Patrick Brody checked in? Mr. Brody still hasn't arrived. He said it's been snowing. His flight to Denver was delayed. I'll give him your message. O.K. Thanks. Mom? What? You said to wake you when I woke up To call Patrick. I called him, honey. You did? What did he say? Oh, he's not there. He'll call when he gets in, sweetie. [Kiss] Coach house inn. How may I direct your call?

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