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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

KNKX FM 88.5

KNKX FM 88.5, Online KNKX FM 88.5 Radio internet, KNKX FM 88.5 USA Radio Shh! Toni, you're a nice guy for inviting us to stay here, but where's your mother? And when do we get some chow? That's right. This is my mom's super expensive vase collection. You mustn't knock it down. Of course not. We won't. Help! Here we go again. Everyone, wash up time! Exactly. But who's dirty? The drummer is. Just a little wear and tear after being on the road. Look at that dude in the mirror. A handsome drummer! Can you really play heavy rock? We can play anything. Check it out and listen! Rock and roll! Where are you from? We used to live in Mystic Mountain. Where's that? Mystic Mountain is in Mystic Mountain. Why did you leave? There was this big bang. Mommy told us to leave. Mommy? It was not a bang. It was a boom. It was a bang. A big blast. It was a boom. It was a real bang. A boom! A boom is a different thing. Something like that. What's going on here? A debate. We have to go now. You can watch TV. But don't run away. Okay, we'll watch TV. A stick. With some buttons on it. Don't break it. Pass the salad, please. Here you go. Thanks. Eat! What's that creature in the bushes? What's that? What is it doing? Yuck. Do humans also poop in plain sight? Say no more. Someone else likes loud music around here, too. We're not the only noisy ones. There's a tale from Texas told far and wide A lizard jumped a bison for a ride His Mohawk and a studded wristband totally rule He's not an Indian or a cowboy, but he's just as cool His purple buddy he longs to meet Wild West goes totally crazy With his huge head and purple feet Dinosaurs love the prairie heat Riff-Raff, listen. What's that sound? Boys, this won't do. It won't? No. Veggies. Awesome! Nice pile of food. What's this? Can I get mayonnaise, please? You dare to eat something like that? I'll get you some. Daddy. Can you show Toni photos of how you fixed the boat? N Ow? If he's that interested, of course. No problem. I see. The smart asses Games I mean, smart kids. Hi there. Are your parents home? No. No? Oh, good afternoon. Hello. We need a few signatures to get this amazing project going. What project is that? A quarry. I have a map in the car. I'll show it to you and explain. Oh no. My belly is too full. Same here. I'm bloated. I'll wash the food down with a jug of lemonade. Too acidic. I can't swallow another morsel. But on the other hand Games Maybe just a tiny bite. I could choke down a small steak. Definitely. Let's go. Rock and roll! This is Majestic Mountain. You own some land around here. We need approval from all our neighbors. Look. Please don't touch my car. We need to mine large quantities of rock beneath the Ferris Wheel. We'll crush the rock to use it as the base for the road that will lead to Fun World. What is it? Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. I see. I'd need a handwriting sample here. We could do business, since you have a boat. Cruises for our customers. I can see the synergy. Daddy, don't sign! This will ruin the landscape. Don't interfere in grown-up business. Kids and grown-ups Games This venture will do the community good. Correct. Absolutely. You can sign here.

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