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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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WFUV 90.7 FM, WFUV 90.7 FM Online Radio internet, WFUV 90.7 FM ABD Radio Thirty is a number Games If you leave the firm, yes. Marcel, would you leave? Me? Yeah. No. No. But I do have to leave. I do. And you, Vero? Would you do it? I don't know. No? I don't know. You wouldn't take the money? Thirty million Games Thirty million. No? I don't know. I know why you'd do it. Why? You'd go to prison, if after those seven years you could be with him. You, him and the child. Right? What do you know? Wouldn't that be nice? You know nothing. Really nice. Look, can he do that? We're looking at possibilities. He wants to buy me. Let's say they want to know what share you want. What would you do? I have no say in it. I'm just here to help you. Yes, but Games What would you do? Forget about the mediator. José Veiga, in your circumstances, what would you do? It has to be one of the four partners. I know that. But would you spend seven years of your life in prison for thirty million? For quite a bit less. But that would be my share, and we're here to find out what yours is, what you want. "Smoking kills," it says. Those warnings are good. If you smoke, you could die. Up to you. Can you imagine if everything had those warnings? "Don't go with that woman. She might ruin your life." Or, "Don't take that job. You may not be happy." Or, "Be careful about your friends. They might be real sons of es." Like everyone, right? Like everyone. It would be good if they warned you. It would be really good. All right. I'll make the transfer. You will? Luis, it's for the best. But in exchange, I want Games % of the firm's shares. That's what I want. You're not going to run the firm. I may do it better than you. I'll have lots of time, Marcel. I won't allow it. No? No. Then you go to prison. Anyone want to go to prison? No one? All right. Then I'll go. No, I said no. All right. So, how would this work? Do we cede them, or do you buy them? No, no, I buy them. Perfect. At what price? The price of the last offer we had. I accept. Carlos. Carlos. No, no. You're crazy. No, I'm not. I'm ing fed up with this and I want to end it now. It's this, or we're screwed. No, that won't happen. Trust me. I'm through with you. With you and your ing ego. We're ending this now. I accept. You? Fine with me. Wait, wait, wait. We're all very tired and it's hard to think clearly. Luis, think of another option, or we have to start from zero. No, no, we're not doing that. I sell him % of my share, you do the same, and Luis has the majority. We don't need you. Is that it? Yes, that's it. You want to get rid of me. Well, I refuse. You do? I'll tell the judge everything. You're kidding. No. You'd send all four of us to prison so as not to lose control? This is a mess, and I won't allow it. You won't allow it. No, I devoted my life to this. And I didn't? And him, and him? All of us. We all did. It doesn't look like it. Marcel, it's all been settled. Luis is useless. And? He isn't prepared. I'm here, too. Or am I not capable either? Shut up. I said I won't allow it. Yes, yes, you are going to allow it. You know why? I'll call Chloe and tell her everything. You won't. It doesn't interest you. Does it interest you that I tell her we've been screwing for years? Since before you met her. If you want I'll call her right now and tell her. And the times we were in hotels on business trips and you knock on my door asking to screw me. Want me to tell her that? Don't laugh. I can also tell her that you're not just screwing your partner, you also like to screw the intern and an occasional client. If you want, tell me and I'll do it now. She won't believe you. I've got photos of you. From when? A is a . Chloe has to know. That's how it is. And given your track record, she'll get custody of your daughter. I'm sorry. Don't worry. Children adapt very quickly. Yes. I'm sure she'll love Montreal. Children love the cold. Look, you can't go on like this. Why? All the parties have to agree. We're just talking. Looking at options, like you said. Yes, but you have to do it freely. Freely? No, not freely. Nobody is free. Nobody. Look at your contract. It has to be on some page. Marcel

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