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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

181.FM - True Blues

181.FM - True Blues, 181.FM - True Blues Live, 181.FM - True Blues Listen Online, Blues, USA

181.FM - True Blues

181.FM - True Blues be fine. We got all day. Ken. I have an embolic stroke that's converted to a bleed. We're an hour and a half behind in here, Web Radio. I can't lose him. Any signs of increased intracranial pressure? She's nauseated. You're halfway there. You got this. All right. Go. Go. Online Radio, you are my new copilot. Can you handle this? I think so. You think so? I can do it. Great. Here's the thing. At this rate, we're gonna be done a little before :. Know what the means? No mistakes. None. Am I clear? Yes, Online Radio. One mistake, and I'm out of time. Okay, CT scan showed a millimeter cerebellar hematoma. Blood pressure? over on labetalol. Lower's better. I can add a second agent. How long ago was the onset? About minutes. Well, if you're gonna have a stroke, here's the place to do it. Yep. Online Radio. Not now. Sorry to interrupt. Pathology's here to check out the occipital lobe. I haven't removed the parietal lobe yet. They've been waiting an hour. We've had some setbacks. Is there anything you'd like me to tell them? Brain forceps, spatula. Spatula. Quickly, come on! All right. Section three of six, parietal lobe. The time is : P.M. Tell pathology to get in here, do their thing, and do it fast. Hey, sorry I stole Ken. No, it's okay. You did what you had to do. How's it going over there? Oh, she had a 181.FM - True Blues. I was gonna give her anticoagulants and send her on her way. Now I don't know if she's gonna make it. Yeah, I wish I could help. Well, I think you've got your hands full with my other patient. Yeah. I hate being pulled in two different directions. Yeah, me too. Pathology's in there, eating up all my time. It'll take them ten minutes to realize they're looking at a brain. Hey, guys, come on! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop. You spook them, and they'll take longer. Well, you know, you do everything you can to prepare, control your environment. Yeah, and sometimes there's other forces at work. Yeah. Web Radio if there's another complication, I don't know what I'm gonna do. You'll pull through. I'm not so sure. Hey, Online Radio. I am. Online Radio? Stay Yeah. Surgiclamp. 181.FM - True Blues cerebellar artery under control. Occipital lobe ready for resection. Okay, brain spatula. Section five of six, occipital lobe. Okay, home stretch, people. Home stretch. [Monitor beeping] Heart rate's rising. We're up to again. Damn it. Online Radio, expand your field of vision, look dorsally. I don't see anything, Online Radio. Heart rate's climbing to . You gotta find it. Damn it. Online Radio, we've got a problem. What is it? She's bleeding from her I.V. It's D.I.C. Her blood's not clotting. Hang a six pack of F.F.P. We're up to . We don't have time for that. All right, push two amps of calcium chloride. Right now. Go. Pushing. Pressure's normalizing. Okay. That a girl, Online Radio. Are you ready for the corpus callosum? Yes. Yes, let's go. Oh, no. [Clock ticking] Online Radio? I'm not gonna make it. I gotta go. What? You can't go. 181.FM - True Blues What do I do? I can't be here. I can't be in surgery right now. Online Radio. I can't operate. Doctor. Online Radio?

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