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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

181.FM - The Point

181.FM - The Point, 181.FM - The Point Live, 181.FM - The Point Listen Online, Pop, Top 40, Adult Contemporary, USA

181.FM - The Point

181.FM - The Point What time? I'll be there. [Live Radioles] He is yours. Good night. Good night. He's mine. [Sighs] Okay. hours. Okay. Hi, Online Radio. It's Online Radio. How are you? Hey, Online Radio? Online Radio, it's Dr. Online Radio. You remember me? Honey? Okay, you know what, everybody stop. Stop what we're doing. Let's take our masks off. We're scrubbed in. We don't have time. It's okay. We have time. You know what, kiddo, I'm gonna have you sit up for one second, okay? I gotta talk to you. I wanna introduce you to some friends of mine. See this guy right here? That's Dr. Kenneth. Now, he's a little cranky, but he's a really good doctor, and he's really good at taking care of people. Hey, Online Radio. And this is Dr. Tejal. She's gonna be watching over us to make sure we're all doing our best possible job for you. Hello, sweetheart. Okay, so look at me. You don't have anything to be afraid of. Okay, everyone in this room is here for you. Everyone. And when you wake up, you are gonna feel all better. I promise. Okay? So here's what we're gonna do. I want you to put your head on my shoulder, and we're gonna count to ten together. Okay? Here we go. One, two, three, four. First incision, : A.M. If we focus, bring our "A" game, we can be done by 181.FM - The Point Okay. Bone fragment. Online Radio, a little more retraction. Temporal lobe is freed up to the occipital notch. Section one of six. Temporal lobe. Time, : P.M. Okay. Ten minutes ahead of schedule. It's not a race, but good job. Dr. Solis? The E.R. needs a neuro consult. yearold woman with an apparent T.I.A. Okay, thanks. Okay, Yvonne, we're gonna get you all hooked up. Hey, uh, little issue this weekend with patient "Shore." Seems there's been a double booking. Who? I will kill them. My parents. Oh. Killing them is not the ideal first impression. No, but there is plenty of room for everybody, and they'd be thrilled to meet you, if that's not too much too soon? No, not at all. That sounds great. Still excited? I'm so excited. Ladies. 181.FM - The Point Now why are you smiling? He's nice. But you're trying too hard. Oh, you know what, you are trouble. I can tell by that little... [Monitor beeping rapidly] Yvonne? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We're gonna need some help in here! Okay, Online Radio, give me a little more retraction. I can't see the artery yet. Come on, Online Radio Get in there. Don't be shy. No need to be gentle. We got a bleed. Online Radio, did I do that? No. Suction. Not touching it. Damn it. Heart rate's . Blood pressure's over . She's bleeding out. Hang a bag of warm P.R.C.s. God, I can't see anything. You need a fresh set of eyes. Let's switch. Yeah. Take these. Okay. Come on, come on, come on. Retract the parietal lobe. There it is, there it is, there it is. Clip. Come on. Come on, hurry up. And Got it. Pressure's returning to normal. Okay. That was clutch, Ken. Nice work. Damn straight it was. All right, switch back. 181.FM - The Point, the brain's shifted. I've lost all of my landmarks. We'll have to start from the Rolandic Fissure. That'll be another minutes. minutes. 181.FM - The Point Relax, Online Radio.

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