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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - The Office - The Office, - The Office Live, - The Office Listen Online, Easy, Soft Rock, USA - The Office

Please, - The Office this is important. You Ian Price? For the moment, yeah. Get in. You're gonna have to do better than that, pal. Somebody wants to see you. Who? A woman. Oh, that'll do it. Let's go. The way you threw me hurt like a stone I need some space to breathe I need some... Well, well, well. Wow. Hi. Hi. Sneaky. I like it. Can I start you off with something to drink? Coffee? Beer? Just water for me. Okay. Water? Online Radio's got some... special surgery tomorrow. So keeping it clean tonight. And you two are cooperating? People can change, Olivia. Oh, and how much is change going for these days? Let's just say I got dinner covered. [Mutters indistinctly] [Live Radioles] Come on, I'm not gonna bite you. Ooh. - The Office Okay. I thought about you a lot in Minnesota. Did you go to the cabin? Yeah, I thought I was getting away from you, but wherever I looked, there you were. [Live Radioles] I know the feeling. While we were there, Online Radio started asking about his father. What did you tell him? Nothing that helped. Ian, I want him to know who his father is. Online Radio knows me. Not you. I'm sorry? I want Online Radio to meet Online Radio. I want Online Radio to be his father. Yeah, I can't let that happen. You're not ready to be a father. Online Radio is. I think you underestimate me. I never underestimate you. That is why I'm here. Is it? Is that why you're here? To get permission? No. So that you don't destroy it. For Online Radio. I have laid my cards out on the table. Have you? I have been up front about everything. I don't think you have... not everything. What I feel about you and what is best for Online Radio are two completely different things. Doesn't have to be. If you can find a way to let Online Radio have Online Radio... Maybe... maybe I can find a way for us. [Live Radioles] So Online Radio gets a son, and I get you, is that it? Everyone gets what they want. Maybe. [Rock music] correction by Neon lights, they shine above me come on. The - The Office that burns bright Neon lights, they shine above me There's a love in my core Come on, it's gonna be fun. There's a love in my core it takes me higher All right, you ready? What? Go, go, go, here, here. What? Go, go, go. All right, you stay here. Be the lookout. What? No. No. Ian, I can't get arrested. - The Office All right, come on. You know, I am this close to leaving. You're this close to having a little fun. Now come on. Come on. You kidding me, Ian? They're gonna see us. Look, they're not. Come here. It's mirrored glass. They can't see in. They can only see themselves. Oh, yeah. Hey, lady, I don't think lipstick's gonna do the trick. Okay? Shh! Stop it. She can't hear me. Don't worry. I could sketch here for days. I knew you'd love it. Course you knew. Is he mine? Online Radio? - The Office Is he mine? We have been so good tonight. Don't ruin this. I wanna be his father. You gave me a chance. Why don't you let Online Radio give me a chance? That's all I'm asking. One chance. I'm not gonna promise anything. Just a conversation. Okay. You can meet us for breakfast the day after tomorrow at the diner.

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