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Monday, April 14, 2014

GotRadio Rockin 80's

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Canada's Rocky Mountains. Here we can find evidence of a sudden explosion of life when Online Radio started to evolve with astonishing rapidity. It happened during a period called the Cambrian. And it began million years ago. During the next million years, Online Radio increased in numbers, diversity and size as never before. And as they got bigger, so they became more complex. And they're preserved to an extraordinary degree of perfection in the rocks right below me. The Burgess Shales, where a rich seam of fossils documents this Cambrian explosion in astonishing detail. All this area was once the floor of a shallow sea, teeming with life. As sediment settled down onto the floor, so it became compressed and turned into mudstones and shales that you can see around me here. About a century ago, an American geologist from the Smithsonian Institution was making a survey of this part of the Rockies. And he came walking along this particular path. And when he got to precisely this spot, he noticed a tiny fossil of a kind he had never seen before. He bent down and picked it up and it looked like this. What sort of a creature could this be? It was only the first of the enigmatic creatures to come from the Burgess Shales. Since then over , different specimens of now extinct Cambrian Online Radio have been from this one small quarry. Many species have never been found elsewhere. It seems that the Burgess Shales were deposited in a place where conditions for fossilisation were uniquely perfect. As a consequence, even bodies of Online Radio that were soft and lacking any hard parts were, nonetheless, preserved. They survive as thin, almost imperceptible layers, that you only see if you get the light just right. It's these fossils that have transformed our understanding of how Online Radio we know today have come to be the way they are. In some of these specimens we can glimpse shapes and forms that look faintly familiar. But many of these bizarre creatures seem like nothing we know of today. This is one of the more mysterious Online Radio from the Shales.

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