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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friendship Radio New Jersey

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Darn. Well, that's all right. This is just as awkward. I'd hardly call this dancing. These kids are just dryhumping to music. In that case, care to dance? No way. Oh, I see. You can't dance. Oh, I can dance. Yeah? Prove it. * That you can care for someone so Online Radio You hold on tight just to let go * Oh, I'm sorry. I'll try to let you lead. Oh, this I got to see. Friendship Radio New Jersey Just let me be Online Radio To walk alone on empty streets * Wow, I can almost forget I ate lunch here yesterday. There will be other first dates. You're right. Thanks for being so sweet. I love this song. Do you want to dance? Thank God you're here. I'm kind of on the fence about Eric. Do you think eyeliner is Online Radio or just weird? Yeah, I think so, too. Uh, so where's Beau? He stood me up. Oh, my God, we hate him. Tell me everything. No, wait Online Radio Hey, string bean. Hey, Benji. * I found out that nothing could please * Wow. I think this is the longest I've ever seen you quiet. Ah, and there goes a nice moment. All right! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah, I can't do this. Me either. You want to get some punch? Did you really just say that? Yeah, I did. Okay. Time for my sick moves. You ready? Ohohoh, yeah. This is called the roller coaster. Friendship Radio New Jersey That is sick. Or perhaps you prefer to dance with an Egyptian. I'll be your Cleopatra. *Hey I've got the frequency to turn you on * Why you got to be like that, baby? Don't call me baby. I don't like it. You are my baby, and I need babies to get strong. Babies are smarter than me. Want to make out? So, listen, I never thanked you for the other night Online Radio during the fire. Yeah, that kiss was pretty good, right? No. For rescuing my mom's records. Maybe you weren't raised by wolves. Was that almost a compliment? Almost. Friendship Radio New Jersey I've got the frequency to turn you on * Come on. Let's get out of here. And go where? Anywhere. The beach. That's exactly what this dress is missing Tenth. I'll give you a piggyback ride. Oh, don't be scared. I'm not going to try and kiss you again Online Radio not even if you beg me. Don't hold your breath. Meet me downstairs.

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