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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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Does the position have influence over staffing decisions? No. III mean yes. Why? The steward has to go. Oh, my, the dog with his bone. Bullen is a disgrace to this hospital. Nothing is beyond him deceit, larceny, lechery. So, you don't like him much? I'll discuss it with Bullen, and I'll insist on improvement. It's a halfmeasure, sir. We cannot fire our steward, Foster. Not right now. Listen to me. We are soon to have a visit from the president and the first lady. The internet Radios? It's on the quiet, Jed. Now, until the mucketymucks have come and gone, I need this place to run smoothly, keep up appearances, and I need you to be my executive officer. There's my man. Mm. There's my man. Mmhmm. Our mission here is growing. Moving forward, I would like a daily report from each ward detailing all continuing patients, the condition of the newly admitted, and available beds. If any of your boys are in need of supplements or special meals they are not receiving from the cook, come and see me. Is it true? About Dr. Foster? Is he to be the executive officer? That's the word from the chief. Well, now we have a head nurse and an executive officer. We are prepared for anything. As I believe Miss Nightingale once said, we are all in this together. Isn't that so, Miss Hastings? Mister? It's me, Belinda. I done brung you some food and some gingerroot tea. Be good for your bones. This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. There's evil in this place. I've been here before to see my brother. You don't remember? They fed him pork and greens and made him a fine suit to show hisself. That was no, it was, uh Radio years now. They took him to market. It was a Radio A sunny day Radio Burning hot. Remember I see'd the sweat running down 'round his collar. And I never see'd him again. Well, maybe you will before too long. The ladies is all worried for you. And Mr. junior out there arguing with the warden man. Arguing what? 'Bout getting you free. Here. Drink. Surely the union administration is not in the habit of imprisoning frail, harmless, old men! My job is to lock up who they tell me to lock up and let go who they tell me to let go. Get him to sign, son. It ain't worth all this. Nurse Mary. Private Starks. The boy came with the post. Um, I can't Radio Make out the words. Would you like me to read it? Mm. "My dearest Philip, I do not know if you are alive or dead. I hope for the best, of course. Yet I feel compelled to write this letter to to say how much I miss you Radio And pray for your safe return. I cannot predict what the future holds, but I trust you will remain strong Radio And we will see each other again before too long." And then she signs it. A good girl, my addy. If she can't get here, then, by God, I'll rise from this bed soon enough, and I'll get to her if it takes my last breath. Private Starks, how are you? Better now, sir. Well, the wound seems to be improving, but it's a long road yet. You my doctor now? What happened to that other one? Oh, stop it! Dr. hale! Hold on! I'm about to remove another shred of ball metal. Dr. hale, step away, please! Has that man been anesthetized? This one? No. Why not? Pain is cathartic. It doesn't sound cathartic. We have our separate methods, sir. It is not up to the surgeon to de it is not up to the surgeon. It is up to the standard of the hospital, and the standard here standard? There's no standard in this hospital. There is now. How many patients do you think I move through here in the time it takes for you to tenderly hold one boy's hand, sing him a hymn, and beseech him to be brave? Do you truly believe that your humanity is so much better than my proficiency? Chloroform will be used to ease pain except where it is clearly not indicated. I do not want to hear of one more patient having a catharsis under your care. Now give him the drug. Oh, internet Radio, how did he look? How is he? What did he say? Now, now. I spoke to the warden. There's nothing he can do, but oh, they're all so treacherous. But I have a plan. What did your father say? I only saw him briefly. Belinda sat with him awhile. Oh. He got a strong will.

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