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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


METRO FM, Online METRO FM Radio internet, METRO FM ABD Radio Didn't know that, did you? Yes, she was going to go back to Montreal and take Sophie with her. But I sorted it out. I spoke to the intern. I paid her to keep quiet. I got her a job far, far away Games and I spoke to Chloe. I told her I was the one who'd screwed the intern. Do you remember? Or not? Tell me, did I sort it out? Did your wife divorce you? Is your daughter living thousands of miles away? Don't you remember? There he is. There you have him. There's your CEO. The guy in charge, the one who deals with things. Do I have to remind you how we got the first loan for the firm? The bank guy himself when I went to see him. Is that right or not? Don't you remember? Marcel, you may be smarter and come from a better family, but I'm the one with bigger balls. Come on, what is it? Does your memory fail you when it suits you? You're mistaken. The one with Alzheimer's is your father. you! Carlos! Carlos! All right, all right, stop! Are you crazy? . Luis Games Christ. Sit down, sit down. Don't leave. We haven't finished the mediation. Please. José Games Listen Games You don't have to leave. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Okay? I apologize. Why? This has never happened to us. It won't happen again. José, we're tired. We've been shut in here for hours, and we lost control. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry, too. You have my word, José. You have our word. Please, don't go. You don't need mediation. You need another kind of work. We do need it. We must finish this, please. Do you all give your word that it won't happen again? Yes. Yes. What's so funny? I always come off worst. I always come off worst. Do you know what I'm remembering, Marcel? When we presented our first software in Las Vegas, . I didn't sleep a wink that night and I was preparing the presentation. When I fell asleep in the morning and you called and woke me up, "Luis, swear to me you didn't fall asleep, or in half a minute you'll be in the hall." And I said, "Yes, I'll be right down." . So as not to go. We were all so nervous. We were taking a gamble, it was our big moment. I had my white iBook, I remember it perfectly. Everything was ready. Mr. Mike Owen willing to listen. Everything was ready except Games The charger. The charger. . I ed up, I forgot the charger. I was in shock. I couldn't even think. But the machine worked. The team worked. Vero gave me a one-milligram Lexatin. Remember? I think it was my first tranquilizer. And Carlos entertained the American with a joke about a bear Games Remember? The bear. You don't come here to hunt. You don't come here to hunt, exactly. And Marcel found a charger. We did it, we sold the software. That's where everything started. At that moment, I remember thinking, "These people are my family." Well, I don't know if you know, but that night Games I got a call with the news that my father had died. Luis, I didn't know about your father. Sometimes it seems like we don't even know each other. The family is full of , right, Carlos? How the story has changed. . Okay. We need to resume. Yes. Okay. Well, so far we've had arguments from Marcel and from Carlos. Carlos has proposed Luis, and Marcel has proposed Carlos. We're just missing you two. Would you start, Veronica? Yes, I will. Shall we do it together? Together? We'll try to be more objective, more rational, okay? This is getting out of control. Let's see. Okay. Point in favor, point against. Binary code. Exactly. I don't understand. Binary code only has zeros and ones. More black pieces mean more reasons to go to prison. Exactly. Okay. Some criteria have emerged. One, who could cope best with the guilt of sending someone to prison? Great criterion. But it has come up. Me, for example. Could I live happily if one of you went to prison? Yes. Marcel Games Marcel, too. A point in favor. Carlos? As well. As well. Yes. And you? Second criterion. Who is really necessary to this firm? I Games Well, I Games I offered to leave because of the hotel, so Games I'm not very necessary. Besides honest. Point against. Marcel. Marcel Games He brings clients, doesn't he? And without clients Games Yeah.

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