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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kiss FM 95.9

Kiss FM 95.9, Online Kiss FM 95.9 Radio internet, Kiss FM 95.9 ABD Radio Why don't you eat? There's a nice restaurant across the street. What if there's a ransom call? Shouldn't somebody get it? If they haven't called yet, it's unlikely Games sure. Why don't you take the first shift, Mr. Brody? O.K. All right. Go get something to eat. No. I'm fine. I'm fine. See you later. O.K.? Go on. So, let's go get something to eat. Thanks. Sure. What are you going to have? I don't know. Anything Games soup. Can I have a whiskey and water, please? Mm-Hmm. No ice. Do you have to drink now, Bonner? Sue me. What made you start drinking in the first place? Why did Sandstrum send us away? To get me off his back. Small-Town hick cops, you know. Didn't want you in the way. Yeah. Why'd you do it? It's not like you to get off people's backs. Yeah, I know. It's still early. Anybody can do the legwork, Especially if it was just some creep. There you go, sir. You didn't, not till after Eric was born. Didn't what? Drink. It's not like we didn't want a child. You were crazy about the prospect Of having a boy, remember? You wanted a boy more than anything. [Laughing] Why did you pick that moment To become a drunk? Why not? Hey, is this a mole, or what? What? This mark. Is it a mole? There's something wrong with the picture. Oh. I was going to aim for it. Ha ha ha! Remember the night Eric was born? How worried I was when he stopped kicking. Yeah, you were wired. Yeah. Remember our trip to the hospital? You picked me up in the company car, you called it. Drove all the way with the siren on. R.H.I.P. Rank has its privileges. Why are we walking down memory lane now? I don't know. I was so worried Something had gone wrong. It would have been my fifth miscarriage, But we had Eric instead. Yeah. Instead. We had Eric instead. What do you mean? Mean what? Why did you say instead like that? You said instead. No. Not the way you did. I'm sorry. I don't speak English as well as you, I guess. I was out for two days after the caesarean. They didn't let me see Eric till the third day. Even then, they only let me hold him for an hour. Remember? I was so upset. My only consolation was that you could hold him, But you didn't want to. Why? Why don't you leave it alone, Jane? Leave it alone? We don't know where Eric is Or what's happened to him. I'm not trying to hate you. I just Games I want to know. Why couldn't you have held him? I held him. What did you say? I held him. He died, didn't he? Our son Games Our baby died in childbirth, didn't he? It was stillborn. Get a grip on yourself. Didn't he? Didn't he! Yeah. Yeah, he died. Tell me what happened. They said, uh, the baby got tangled In the umbilical cord. Did Dr. Miller know? Of course. No. Not about that. That you switched babies. Did he know? I was worried how you'd take it Because of the other miscarriages. He had a patient Who was putting her baby up for adoption. I made a deal with her. What kind of deal? I gave her money. How much? A lot. We didn't have a lot. What did you do? You don't want to know, Jane. Where is she now Games The real mother? She Od'd, probably. I figured you didn't want to talk about this. Why didn't somebody tell me my baby died? I said I was going to. Damn you. You lay into me, Jane. I bought him for you. I committed a crime for you! I'm not talking about buying him. Eric's my son. You can't take that away. Damn you for lying to me. You let me live that lie all these years, And you made me pay for it. And Eric! And us! You couldn't take what you did, And you took it out on us. What kind of woman doesn't know when her kid dies? What mother doesn't know when her kid dies inside her? [Siren] Detective Bonner, get in! They found the car. Someone phoned in a tip. What happened? You all right? Go! Quiet is the grave. Good. We'll move around midnight. I'll come by a little before. No problem. All systems go. Whoo! Yes! Games Just missed the far corner. A great play by Andrews. He's having a great game. Puck's still along the boards. Goes to the left corner. Tried to get in front. Robb is breaking it in on the right wing. Whoa! He couldn't get a good handle on that pass.

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