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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


77 WABC, Online 77 WABC Radio internet, 77 WABC ABD Radio idea to book two rooms, eh? I could shuttle the brat back and forth While they clean. It's the sort of little detail You pat yourself on the back for Games That is, of course, Until there are larger details involved. Come on, Jane. Let's collect him, Keep our appointment with Bonner. Come on. Come on. Quietly, quietly. He's asleep. I gave him some sleep aids. Oh, look at that. Isn't that sweet? Your mommy's here. There's a good boy. There's a good boy. Oh Games why did you do this? Why? Why take him in the first place? You can undo his hands. It's o.K. Because I want to sell him. Sell him? To who? To his grandfather. Eric doesn't have any grandfathers. I'm afraid he does. You see, Jane, um Games I'm Eric's father. What's his grandfather's name? Bobby carkin. How could someone so rich be so stupid To buy someone he knew wasn't for sale? I'd never Games You might, once you saw where bobby lives. But that's irrelevant now, Janey. You see, once you married me, I became Eric's guardian. If anything happened to you Games what then? The facts about Eric's lineage Will come out Games Minus my part. He was adopted Games Purchased, really Games By you and Bonner From a rich man's drug-Addicted, wayward daughter, Who happened to be Games This is not for general consumption Games My wife. What happened to her? Oh, the birth mother? She died of a drug overdose. After that, I bummed around, Did time, took correspondence courses in prison Games One in logical thinking. That's how I came up with this beauty. A little education Can be a dangerous thing. You think Bonner will go along with this? I sent Bonner a message. I could be wrong, But I think he will come alone. It was the way I put it. [Kicking dashboard] You know, if only bobby had trusted me And not sent his hit men to steal Eric Games And, incidentally, blow me away Games Today would have been a much nicer day. You tipped off sandstrum. Pull over on the left. Pull over on the left. O.K. Get out. [Whistles] Hey! Out! There you go. I don't think you'll have long to wait. I'm going to be over there. Why didn't you sell Eric To his grandfather years ago? He didn't want him years ago. He was mad at his daughter sue Games Sue carkin and me. Ha ha! Especially me. That's why we had Eric Games Cool the old man out. Just didn't happen. O.K. Let's go. Come on. Let's go. Come on. But, hey, everyone gets old. After the old man lost his daughter, He asked, "what is it money can't buy?" Can't buy a new grandson, But, luckily, he still had this one. How much will you sell him for? How much? Uh Games I asked for million. It seemed like a reasonable price. Eric will never go along with this. He'll fight you till the day he dies. Oh, I don't know. Money heals all wounds. I'm going to be in here. Don't lose interest. O.K.? [Blows kiss] Hey, hi. Boy, am I glad to see you. It's o.K. Keep coming. Nice and easy. That's it. Nice and easy. [Clears throat] Don't worry about him. He's asleep. He's asleep. I promise you. He's asleep. O.K. This way. Don't be shy. Can you open your jacket, there, just a moment? Yeah. There it is. Take that out and put it on the ground. O.K. Nice and easy. Very slowly. O.K. Very good. Back off, would you? [Jane] What's he going to do? I don't know. Does anybody know you're here? Shh! Oh, gosh, this was easy. Ha ha! I mean, who says crime is hard, eh? What are you going to do? Not what I'll do. Bonner's going to kill you in a rage Then shoot himself in despair. I'll turn up later, and Eric will never be found Games At least not as Eric Bonner. I mean, he'll surface sooner or later As a carkin, which is what he is Games Carkin. What if I didn't agree to come to California? What if Bonner hadn't broken the windows Games No, no. Bonner didn't do that. I did. Bonner here just established the psychological climate Where he might have broken them. Your trusting nature did the rest. Back off. That's it. Just back off over there. O.K., Janey. [Cocks gun] Can you turn around, please? Just turn around, o.K.? Please? Hmm? Just nice and easy. Jane. Don't move! Aaah! Uggh! Jane, run! Get in the car and go, go! Damn it. [Footsteps approaching] [Eric] Where am I? [Jane] Oh Games it's o.K., Honey. Everything's going to be just fine. You o.K.? Yeah. Did it pierce your vest? Yeah, it did, a little. You saved my life. You saved mine. We're not going to stand around Exchanging testimonials, are we? Oh, well. No, no Games no, that's not my style. You o.K., Eric? Yeah. You were right. I should have told you what happened A long time ago. You can't go back again, though, Can you? No, you can't. You really can't. I'll give you and the kid a ride back to town. [Starts car] This is detective Bonner. Get me sheriff sandstrum. What about our car, mom? They'll send it to st. Louis When they're done. We've got lots to do back home, anyway, honey. You saved me, didn't you, mom? And your dad. He did, too. Why did Patrick do it, mom? He told me I was adopted. What was he talking about? Well, he was talking about Games an old sin. I'll tell you about it. Let's save it for the trip home, o.K.? Mrs. Brody I don't know what to say.

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