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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Air1 Radio

Air1 Radio, Online Air1 Radio Radio internet, Air1 Radio ABD Radio Keep the pressure! Yes! Yes! Ooh! Aah! [Clang] What was that? Nothing. Just a rock. You better go into another room. I'll be right back. No, Eric. Stay here. I'll be right back, mom. It's Bonner, his father. Hi, dad. Hi, Eric. How you doing? Good. Who's inside? Nobody. Whose car's out front then? Nobody's? I want you to leave. You can't be here, Bonner. Just please go. Who's visiting? None of your business. You're trespassing. I'll make it my business. Hi. Who are you? Pat Brody, a friend of Jane's. What's that supposed to mean Games Friend of Jane's? Go back in the house, sweetie. You don't have a right to be here. Eric! I'm warning you. I will call the police. What did you say your name was again? Patrick. Damn you, Bonner. You're supposed to set a good example for the kid. Is this what you call a good example? It's going to be o.K., Baby. I'm sorry. He's not supposed to come here. It's o.K. Eric? Hey. Come over here. Sit down beside me. Come on. There's a good boy. Sit down. It's my fault. I apologize. I shouldn't have gone out there. I didn't mean to. It's just that, well, I feel Games you and I will get on really well. That's why I did it. Your dad's probably a really good guy. It's just that Games well Games divorce makes adults do crazy things. But it doesn't mean That they don't love you. He has a bad temper, though. Yeah. Well Games sometimes it's hard to control yourself. Hard for all of us. Hey Games give me five. That's a boy. Five. You're o.K. You're o.K. [Sniffs] Want to finish your breakfast? Ha ha ha! [Man] Come back over here. Sit down. Ha ha ha! [Applause] And another one from California. "Pat, your two ex-Wives Games " Ah, yes. Just a tiny joke, folks. I'm just kidding! I'm kidding! "Love to you and Jane. Bring her back. "California has room for one more Midwesterner. Love, tom and Tracy." Thank you, tiny. Thank you very much. Thank you, everyone. To your health. Eric. Oops. Excuse me. You know how lazy I am. Excuse me. I'm just going to have my nails done. Not that one again. Sorry. Bad joke, yeah. Excuse me. You seen Eric? No. I'll get him. Follow the cake? I will, indeed. So, you happy? Couldn't be happier. Thanks for coming, Tory. Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Where are you going? Patrick? I get it. Well, come here. Everything's o.K. It's o.K. Look who's here. What is this? Hi, baby. Come here. The advantage of moving to California Is we'd be far away from Bonner. I can't just pick up and leave. What about Eric? Millions of kids move each year. They adjust. Yeah Games I don't know. Maybe Games what? Maybe it would be better. Well Games [Creaking] Stay, stay, stay. [Creaking] What's going on? Hey! Moving somewhere? No. Yeah. No, yeah. Which is it? We're moving. You're moving. [Horns honking] Downsizing to a condo? We're moving out of state. The hell you are. Go ahead, But you're not taking my kid with you. Out of state where? Connecticut. Patrick got a job. Patrick! How about I have a little talk with Patrick? Hey, look. You come Games I understand. You got custody. I got nothing. That's clear! [Tires squeal] [Siren] What are you doing here? Heard you were moving. Where you moving to? Where you moving to? Connecticut. We'll send you our new address Once we get settled. Where in Connecticut? Hey! Hey, I got a right to know. Theoretically, yes. But the court didn't leave you much operating room. Hmm? I'm making veggie burgers. Want one? You think we're doing this Because we don't like you, don't you? Nothing could be further from the truth. We're moving because Eric's afraid. We want him to live In a fear-Free environment. Leave my kid here. Your kid? The one you forgot to feed Because you tied one on, The one in your car When you did , drunk on the expressway? Sure you don't want one? I don't like you. I don't like you, either, But I know how you feel. I had a family that was taken away from me once. First, you can't believe what hit you. Then the days begin to roll into one another. Then one morning, you wake up, and Games the pain is less intense. And then one day, for all practical purposes, It's gone. Who the hell are you? That's when you begin To assess your role in things, How you made what happened happen. When that happens, you get better. I said, "who the hell are you?" Right. Yeah. No, no, no, no. Uh-Uh. Yeah. I'll be there at : sharp. Thank you, Lisa. You're a lifesaver. Bye. Well Games she'll keep Eric overnight, So I can pack and we can say good-Bye to Isaac. Good. Good. I still wish you were going with us tomorrow. No, I'll meet you in Colorado, o.K.? I don't think he'll follow, But it's safer if he thinks You haven't left yet, Which he will if he sees I'm here. It's just a couple of days. That's all. He's still there. Come on. Put your seat belt back on. The alien. Don't make me say it again. It's the same car Games A silver Buick. He's been following us since Topeka. What is this? Topeka, us, follow. We haven't been traveling a day, And you're already hallucinating. I saw his antenna. He's been calling control. He's got Illinois license plates. He probably Venusian. He's probably a tourist.

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