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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

KUSC 91.5 FM

KUSC 91.5 FM, Online KUSC 91.5 FM Radio internet, KUSC 91.5 FM USA Radio Press that and the engine cranks. This is the throttle. This controls the speed. This is the steering wheel. Easy, right? Ticket sales have started. Money will be rolling in! Hey. How about us? You? What about you? You'll get paid in due time. Remember that the minister is coming. Nothing can go wrong. The future of the Ferris Wheel and quarry depends on it. You understand? Yes. Out. Out! Chop-chop! You sure you know how to do it? Yes. Iivari! Daddy! Let'$ go! You'll need this. Bye-bye! Catch us if you can! The cables are cut. You can't drive with that! Another set of wheels, and fast! Here we go! Yippee! Bye-bye! What's holding him up? Here we are! We have to get this open. We have to! Watch out! Hurry! Open the hatch! There's no time to unleash the hook! Quick! How does this work? We'll get this open. Remember what Mommy said. We're a band and together we can do anything. Fire, Riff-Raff! Look at that. Good job! Damn snot-nosed brats stole my dinosaurs. Mökö! Lökö! Quick! After them! Shall we go, dear? By all means, but should we deal with them first? Annoying- My luck's changing. Suvi! Suvi! Suvi and Toni! Where are you? Where can they be in the middle of the night? Suvi! Suvi! Toni! Where's the boat? Their bikes are here. I knew they were up to something. They can't be Games Look! There! This is an emergency. We'll borrow this. Okay. Untie the boat. Come and help! What on earth have you done? Is Toni here? We want an explanation. Yeah, but first we have to save the Heavysaurs. That's not funny anymore. We get to meet Suvi's parents, at last. Hi. Thanks for helping us go home. My name is Milly-Pilly. What's wrong with her? Raisa. Sleepy time! You're not tired, are you? It's good to take a power nap. A power nappy? I wonder where Daddy is. Now can we move into your house? Maybe the school is better. Thanks for helping us out. Toni, give me antibacterial wet wipes! I ran out ages ago. What happened to your bacteriophobia? What's a bacteria? Maybe it's a spice. Stop, everyone! Quiet! I just smelled Mommy. Welcome. This way, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Maxim has promised to give you your money back. Otherwise he has to spend quite some time in this cage. You all, including Mr. Minister, are welcome to see the free concert at the schoolyard. The Heavysaurs will be playing! Mr. Maxim, your Ferris Wheel project is hereby cancelled. This is a story of an alien race A big creature from outer space He made an emergency landing on his flying saucer "Listen to metal or you'll be doomed" He fried a delicious steak and made a riff only his brain could make It's in the chorus, you can hear it for sure I'm sure the tune rings a bell You've heard it before, I can tell The Great juranoid rides on a ball lightning all over the place The Great juranoid defeats earth's gravity with his rapid pace At the speed of light, the Great juranoid dashes off Into space juranoid! Thank you! Mommy. Mom! Where have you been? It's been a while. But I was watching you all along. You did so well on your own. Hi, Mommy. I'm so proud of you. Muffy-Puffy, you scoundrel. Have you had that the whole time? Oh, no. We didn't miss you at all. Good to be back home. Nice to know the house will be clean. Maybe Toni has eased up a bit. I'm so tired of cleaning. Oh my. Maybe less progress would've been enough. Don't touch that or terrible things will happen. Where are you heading now? We'll see. Get a room! You'll be just fine. We will indeed. We'll be fine. Bye, bye. Bye, Mom. Bye, Mommy and Iivari. Suvi and Toni. It's our turn to treat you to a delicious meal. The best thing we tasted at your place. Go for it! Yummy! At least there are no additives. Organic food, you see. Back in the s, how strange music had become Groovy sounds, no double strokes on the old bass drum We dug those records in the days of old Then we cast them in a brand new mold We rocked our guitars and it got crazy The piano was dismissed And so was born heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy metal twist! Now you can mosh the night away Though some may be scared to stay Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy metal twist!

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