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Saturday, April 5, 2014

GotRadio Piano Perfect

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You're calling this an animal but is it justified to call it an animal? Well Online Radio It's rather plantlike. Well, "What is it?" is a big question. We know for a fact it can't be a plant because we're in water thousands of metres deep, there wouldn't have been enough light to read a newspaper. We're several orders of magnitude too little light for photosynthesis. OK, so it's not photosynthesising because it's too deep and therefore it's not a plant. What's it living on? What we believe they're living on is dissolved carbon and other nutrients in the deep oceans. So it's absorbing these nutrients through its entire body. Very thin. Probably not much thicker than your thumbnail. Very primitive. These organisms were very simple Online Radio. Beyond the reach of light, they had to survive by absorbing chemical sustenance. But most Online Radio we know today are able to move about. Even sponges and corals have swimming larvae. But there's no evidence of that here. The creatures were all immobile. Nothing could move. Nothing had a mouth, nothing had muscles. Probably none of them had colour, probably an eerie whiteish colour to everything. These are the oldest large multicellular creatures on Earth, the oldest things that might be called protoOnline Radio. This is not like anything that exists on earth today. Even though they're not directly related to us, like some distant relative, they provide us with a view of our own beginnings. One of the most peculiar things about these wonderful protoOnline Radio is the way they constructed their bodies. Unlike modern creatures, they had a very simple pattern of branching. Despite their size, these are still very simple Online Radio. They can be put together with just six to eight genetic commands, as against some , such commands that were needed to construct a mammal like me. You can see this if you look at them in detail. You see that they are made up of a series of very small modules which are attached to one another in a number of different ways. Their modular or fractal way of building their bodies is one of Guy Narbonne's main areas of research.

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