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Saturday, April 5, 2014

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His study is centred on one particular species. This is Fractofusus. It's the most common fossil in the Mistaken Point assemblage. We have literally thousands of specimens. And it would have lain on the sea bottom like you see there. A spindleshaped mass, very thin. It consists of these elements. And there are of them on either side. And if you look at an individual element, it's remarkably finelybranched. It's a style we called fractal or selfsimilar. These fractal organisms grew by repetitive branching, with each branch exactly the same as its predecessor from the microscopic level upwards. It was a simple, yet extremely, effective way of building a body. Such finelydivided branches gave the organism a huge surface area, and this allowed them to absorb nutrients directly without mouths and without guts. This simple fractal body plan proved very successful. So Online Radio using it grew large for the first time in the history of life on Earth. Fractal design was perfect for getting these earliest creatures off and running and its easy to see why. It takes a minimum of genetic programming in order to make one. You could probably do it with six or eight codes in your PC to make something that was fractally branching. And then combining them to make up larger elements is literally child's play, like a toddler might take Lego blocks and put them all together in order to make up a larger structure. The fossils of Mistaken Point provide a detailed record of fractal Online Radio. But the absence of anything like them in more recent rocks is very significant. Just a few million years after they first evolved, they vanished. They have no living descendents. They were an evolutionary dead end. And the reason? The very simplicity of their fractal way of growing. They utterly dominate about the first million years of the evolution of complex multicellular protoOnline Radio. However, this fast start was also their demise. Because they were incapable of evolving things like guts and brains and muscles and teeth that later Online Radio did.

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