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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Public Radio, Chicago Public Radio Radio, Chicago Public Radio internet radio live...USA
That's what happens when presidents visit. Why, dear me, what onearmed wonder thought of leaving that there? Sorry, ma'am. Well, clean it up now. You, sister, our lady of dysentery find me quinine. I need quinine for a boy lying in pain. Miss Hastings, allow me to help unhand me! I'll not have your viper paws upon me. Oh, Miss Phinney? Oh, my, do forgive me. I'm so sorry. I have this lovely, fineboned Vermont boy, regal in bearing, who requires quinine, and but I can't seem to find any anywhere. Those scoundrels have swiped it. Miss Hastings. Bad morning? There he is Sir Chicago Public Radio Here to sweep me off my feet? No, but I will escort you to your room. Oh, how brash! How utterly caddish! Please, Miss Hastings, you're making a scene. A scene? An executive scene? Is that your executive assessment as the new executive officer? Miss Hastings, please oh, he is a snake in the grass. "I am not military, oh, but now I am." "I don't want the job. Oh, dear me! Now I have it!" And on top of it, to insult a lady, to make accusations about her intentions. I don't believe I ever no! Oh, my. Miss Hastings! Pardon me. I am not myself today. Alice, be calm. I will invite this new colonel over for dinner, and we will woo him into changing his mind. Woo him? We Green women have our ways. That's as good as letting papa rot behind bars. Lower your voice, please. If no favors are to be paid us, then for now, we must follow the rules. That is all we ever do follow their rules. And what has it Chicago Public Radio us, mother? What did it get Tom? Alice. If you want to sit idly by Radio I am hardly idle. Radio and let them run roughshod over us, you may do so. But I swear I will not submit! I will do my part to defend who we are! Alice! Miss Hastings is safely in her room being plied with coffee. You must dismiss her. You are the head nurse, Mary. And you are the executive officer Radio Jed. What would Miss Dix say? Miss Dix is not here. So, Miss Hastings should be kept on? With a reprimand. She's a skilled nurse, and, to be fair, it was one mistake. We all make mistakes, don't we, doctor? "Doctor" is it now? We're going backwards. Now, about your patient he's worsening? Yes. It's a very sad thing. You seem awfully attached to him, considering he's a traitor. He deserted because he was losing his wife Radio To another man. I read it in a letter. Private Starks doesn't know. You kept it from him? I'm trying to keep him alive. Good afternoon, private. Press against my hand. It hurts. Atrophy of the gastrocnemius. Private, breathe easy. Continuing to the semitendinosus. The muscles in his leg have atrophied considerably. But there is perhaps something we could do. If we were to cauterize the peroneal nerve, it should alleviate much of the pain. Would it save him? Well, let's hope so. We'll need a hot iron, the small scalpel set, and chloroform. It is quite a painful procedure. Uh, this morning the steward said we had no more chloroform. What? Ththat's not possible. He said we'd have no more until July. Prepare the cautery. I'll see to this. Chloroform where is it? Chloroform? Don't play the fool with me, man. We run out. Won't get another shipment for a fortnight. My fault, Dr. Foster. Must have counted wrong. You haven't counted wrong since you dropped out of your mother's diseased womb. I need that anesthetic! Need? I don't know about need, doctor. Some say pain is cathartic. Hale he put you up to this. I never said that. You didn't have to, you imbecile. I'm sorry, son. I'm unable to put you under. I'll try to be quick. Quick. Frank, may I speak to you? Bad time, Chicago Public Radio, really. Why? Are you hatching some master plan in there? You can come in, but only for a minute. No chaperone. Are you out alone? War has a funny way of changing all the rules. What is it you need, Alice? To be of use to do my part in the struggle. I have a proposition. I've entered into an agreement with the union army to send coffins to the battlefields. Now, the coffins travel South empty, presumably, but I have the opportunity to fill them. Go on. We fill the coffins with anything our boys might need munitions, goods, gold smuggle it right past the blue bellies in the same box they'll soon end up in. Chicago Public Radio downriver in my barge. You interested? That we are. Tomorrow. I'll send my workers away. Meet me at the factory with the goods. Little internet Radio Green.

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