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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


KLBJ NEW RADİO 590 AM, Online KLBJ NEW RADİO 590 AM Radio internet, KLBJ NEW RADİO 590 AM USA Radio No, this big. Pink with stripes on the bottom. Who cares about the stripes? They need a detailed description. Quiet! And maybe a little snack? Yaw.! Help! What's that noise? It's Iivari! Someone's coming. Alrighty. Where are the frogs? Whoa whoa. Let's talk money first. No, no! It was a joke. A joke. They're inside, in the warehouse. Wow. Well, what do you say? A nice addition to Fun World, right? Why not. But they look pretty lethargic and passive. They could be more energetic. Boys'. Food! Well, what do you say? Do we have a deal? On one condition. Can you teach them a few tricks? Flywheels and stuff. Yeah. I think so. You'd better. This is for food expenses. This thing better work. Or Games No problem. Where will we keep them? We'll build them a pen. They eat a lot. I know. They're fat and lazy. We don't need them all. We can butcher one of them. Outrageous. No way. We have to set them free. Strings, huh? What sort of violin do you have? It's brown. It has F-shaped holes. An alto violin or Games ? An electric violin. It has steel strings. How many steel strings? Five. Sounds quite interesting. I'll check our catalogue. What's that? A dinosaur egg. We'll take it to her brothers. Okay. I see. We must have a plan. We must take them somewhere. Researchers could arrange a safe place for them. What? This is a scientific sensation. When you learn to jump trough the hoop, you'll get food. Now your bellies should be full. Go to sleep or something! Hello! We got the egg back. Awesome. You have to leave quickly. Why? Because of Maxim. We have to set you free. I see. Free? What does that mean, exactly? That you can go anywhere. To the forest, for example. Been there, done that. It's cold out there. And we get hungry. What if we find you a new home? just a moment. Here you are. Easier to cut now. Is it cozy over there? Can we play in there? Yes. Come on. On the road again! Rock and roll. The hula hoop jumps look good. What? A handstand? I have to teach them that. Their tails are pretty long, though. And then there's the gas problem. I've been feeding them pea soup. How much is a prefabricated house? Can you get through? Sure, no problem. Way to go. square meters, at least. Do they have indoor toilets these clays? Hey, stop! No Games We have to hide you somewhere. Why the hurry all of a sudden? Wait for me! Iivari's after you! Careful with the egg! We dropped the egg! The egg is rolling away! This is getting crazy. How's it going over here? Hello! Still intact! Yay! Mr. Maxim, they learned the tricks. We need PR shots immediately. The opening is in a few days. Bring the photos tonight. Everything will be fine as soon as I find the dinos. What? I mean, as soon as I find the camera. If you mess this up, you'll be in trouble. I won't mess it up. I won't. This is not a good idea. The house is empty. What happens when Mom and Dad come back? We'll find another place. A great escape. Now we can go back to Iivari's for pea soup. Stupid! Third potential home! Wow, this is something Games Careful! Is this your home? Yes. This is really .

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