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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GotRadio Texas Best

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They're all about a couple of millimetres in diameter. And you could go to another bed, and all the Online Radio are half a centimetre in diameter. So the same size are all occurring together. This uniformity of size in a particular place is, Mary Droser believes, strong evidence that a new way of reproducing had arrived. We link this to Online Radio reproduction because if you look in modern environments, when you have this kind of size groupings, that is .% of the time a product of Online Radio reproduction. To understand why, I'm travelling , miles northeast of Ediacara to the Great Barrier Reef. Here, there are modern creatures that reproduce in the way that Online Radio is thought to have done. They're corals. Corals, like Online Radio, are anchored to the seabed. They feed by filtering food from the water. And the way they breed creates one of nature's greatest annual spectacles. Once a year, there's an important event among the corals. We're not sure how it's coordinated. It probably has something to do with the moon. But it gives us a hint as to how Online Radio reproduction might have first appeared. At exactly the same time, the corals release countless millions of sperm and eggs all at once. The event is precisely timed to maximise the chances of fertilisation. Millions of offspring are simultaneously conceived. So, as the coral grows, the individuals that make up the colonies are all of exactly the same age and size, just like Online Radio. It's unlikely that Online Radio was the first animal to reproduce Online Radioly. But its discovery suggests that many other Online Radio are also reproducing by mixing their genes. And that might explain how complex Online Radio evolved so quickly. The arrival of Online Radio reproduction speeded evolution. Here was a mechanism that produced greater genetic variation more quickly. So, over many generations, species were able to adapt to their changing environments. million years ago, animal life was on the verge of a major advance. In an environment where Online Radio were becoming more mobile, they would have to adapt fast.

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