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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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He ain't gonna let it break him. But he ain't gonna sign that paper, neither. You ask me, it's time he did. Listen here. As man of this house now, I want to discuss what we should do next. We need to appeal to the provost marshal Colonel Sinex. He overruled the administrator last time, and perhaps he will do it again. You and Alice do that. Yes. I'll go see Frank. Excuse me, ladies. Frank? Frank Stringfellow? He's back in Alexandria. It's all very secret, mother. He's with the knights of the golden circle. The knights? Really? Their methods have become a bit extreme. The yanks are just as extreme. Frank may be able to help. He has ways. Mm. All right, we have our missions. Circumstances may challenge us, but we are still the Green family. All right? Very good, ladies. I'll just sit here and whistle "Dixie." Mr. Griffin, I have a terrible pain in my molar. Not now, Online Radio. I can't see you. Please. I've come about my father. We need your help. Why don't you ask one of your yankee pals? The chaplain, for instance. Frank, my father's unwell. He could die in there. It's a war, Online Radio. We all could die. I'm sorry. III didn't mean to what's important is for each of us, in his own way, to remain loyal to the cause. That's what I'm doing, that's what your father is doing, and I hope that's what you're doing 'cause it doesn't always look that way to me. Laudanum drops thrice daily, Miss. And come back tomorrow. Dr. hale. One of the few of your ilk I welcome with open arms. Mr. Bullen. You and your friend nurse Hastings you know how things work don't fight the system. I appreciate that. And she she's a nice ripe one, ain't she? Well, uh Radio that's kind of you to say. What do you need, doctor? Need? Oh, I don't know about need. I was, um Radio I was just wondering have you been informed of Dr. Foster's new hospital policy pertaining to expanding the use of chloroform? I heard something about it from the great man himself. Came down here and explained it all to me, right after I got my what for from major summers. Summers? Pertaining to what? Pertaining to my decorum. It seems the new executive officer don't like me. What with the new head nurse making her own meals for the men and now him lording over us, what's to become of us poor, innocent workers toiling away down here? My concern exactly, which got me thinking it'd be a terrible strain on the new executive officer were there to be a Radio Sudden shortage of chloroform. How's that gonna solve anything? You ask me, this Foster's got to go. Think of chloroform as being our own Fort Sumter. Before long, the battle will prove too great, at which point, he will be replaced Radio By another. Given your loyalty, I will be sure to enlist you as a close, personal associate and make sure both our needs are always met. Yeah. You're kind of a weasel, ain't you? Mm. Do we have a deal? You're late. Well, I was expecting a a longer ovation. It was "The Lady of Lyons" tonight. It's not Shakespeare. So? I've got the office set up. We're moving in supplies, a little each day, to avoid detection. There's no time for all that. You need to be swift. Those bastards could change his schedule at any moment. What if he shows up sooner than planned? We can't miss out just because you were being cautious. We're going to blow king internet Radio and his whole damn government straight to hell. You understand your role? I am a little lamb, upset and confused by the loss of my father. Perhaps a tear or two. And a little less rage. I am willing to do whatever needs be done to free papa. But that does not mean I will enjoy groveling to these blue bullies. Men are allowed to fall prey to their emotions, Alice. We women must be stronger than that. You seem on the road to recovery. I had me some sassafras root. Seemed to help. Did the doctor give you that? No. I had a friend bring it to me. That your husband? You got any chil'ren, Miss? We were not so blessed, no. I got me a little boy Online Radio, years of age. I ain't seen him in months and Radio days. Samuel say we find each other again, me and Online Radio. You are fond of Sam? Got angry with him. Now he gone.

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