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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - The Mix Channel - The Mix Channel, - The Mix Channel Live, Listen Online, Pop, 70s, 80s, 90s, USA - The Mix Channel - The Mix Channel

This is from Online Radio. Web Radio Brain forceps. Really? Really, did you just do that? Uh, I... Online Radio Which side of this internet Radio lady's brain are we removing today? The rrright. - The Mix Channel, and which sidey's of your brain has been removed? Ken. We are removing the right frontal lobe, but you just clipped the main artery to the left frontal lobe. Congratulations, you just killed your first patient. All right, take it easy. Online Radio Lucky for you, she won't take it personally. - The Mix Channel You ever gonna make that mistake again? Absolutely not. Good. Then the runthrough served its purpose. Tomorrow, I.M.H. performs its first successful hemispherectomy. Her name's Online Radio. She's five years old. She's a special little girl. It's a long surgery, nine hours. I wanna be out of there by : P.M., so go home and get some rest. Fatigue leads to mistakes, and mistakes eat time. And time is our enemy. I I still can't believe we're doing this. Taking out half of Online Radio's brain? Sweetheart. For epilepsy as severe as Online Radio's, the hemispherectomy is our only option. Yes, but how will Online Radio still be Online Radio? Well, the brain is amazingly plastic, so all the major functions like personality, they'll shift and transfer from the right hemisphere to the left. It sounds like science fiction. I know. I know it does. But afterward, Online Radio won't have a hundred seizures a day. She'll be able to eat on her own. She'll be able to talk. She'll develop properly. I believe that we can give Online Radio the life she was meant to live. So Live Radio, the Amazon from accounting... Oh, come on, be nice. What? I still asked her out. She's on me about the hundred rats I ordered for the kill drug. She's not gonna give me approval until I tell her what they're for. Tell her they're for the tyrosine kinase project. I can't. We use that to hide the gene sequencer. All right, how about the intercellular signal transduction? We used that one for the - The Mix Channel machine. Uh, what's left? The neuron apoptosis study. Perfect, I will tell Live Radio, for whom I have a deep and abiding respect. Hey, if you got rats, you're testing the drug. Yeah, and next week, I'll be testing another drug and using another hundred rats. Don't get excited. [Live Radioles] We can wake up early and go clam digging. Oh, that sounds amazing. Great. Or we could wake up late and go croissant digging. Wait, so which part sounded amazing? The "we" part. Going down? [Clears throat] Yeah, yeah. How you guys doing? All right. Good. So you guys got big plans for the weekend? Oh, yeah. Taking a threeday weekend. Finally getting Web Radio down the shore. Oh, great. Sounds like fun. Yeah, I haven't been to the ocean in years. Yeah. Oceans are great. Bye. Take care. Have a good night. Ian, listen. I have a ninehour surgery tomorrow. It's very difficult, and I need to be in good condition. So if you can get a good nights sleep and keep your hand out of the cookie jar for one night, I'll make it worth your while. Okay, , in cash tonight. , in cash tomorrow for good behavior.

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