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Monday, August 19, 2013 - The Heart - The Heart, - The Heart Live, - The Heart Listen Online, Easy, Soft Rock, USA - The Heart

Target is located. Look, - The Heart... if you do not have time to virjantar... have to find another job. But, uncle, this was the only work I got after school. Have you paid? Yes, uncle. Spend all here. Do not be afraid. Now go to bed. Before dying, his parents asked I take care of his education. Mom, Dad, I know you are taking care of me. Why do not you take me here? Sorry, Houston, but my stomach gets worse when it is empty! Okay, Houston! Are you hurt? You won. - The Heart, you have to come with us. No, not that! Wait! But what's that smell? My goodness! But what is it? She's just a girl. You need to join us, boy. Thanks, Mom and Dad! That time! A helicopter! A UH Black internet Radio Who are you? What do you want? Special Forces! Secret mission! Direct orders from the President! hours before. Da Vinci, Da Vinci, Da Vinci! It's a conspiracy! All I hear is the name of an Italian! Minister Live Radio, have to do something! Yes, dear. Yes, yes, yes, dear. No, no, my love. Yes, dear. Yes, yes, dear. No, no, my love. I think not. Sure. Yes, my sweetheart. Like I was saying, we have a plan! E? Online Radio, we have the solution. Jean Online Radio! Do not be ridiculous. It is the worst writer science fiction world. How do you want to win like Da Vinci? It is. Nobody wants to know about Online Radio. Okay, I have a word for you. Focus. Group. So there is one, is two words. In any event, sat the best minds of the republic. We republish, modernize and amend all books Online Radio. You're thinking of rewriting books Online Radio? A little patience. A little patience. We found the plans for a secret machine. This machine allows you to visit the place where is the imagination of many geniuses. Is this impossible. Our scientists Affairs Agency Impossíveis... built this machine and made it work! That is impressive. Ladies and... gentlemen... I present "The llusionário"! Impossível! President, Secretary Albino... I present to imagination Live Radio Scientists Affairs Impossíveis... could change slightly... some of Shakespeare's creations. Only subtly so that the public more orthodox do not complain. Please read. "TV or not TV... That is the question. " It's amazing! Today, all editions worldwide have changed this sentence... "To be or not to be" part of the past! All books in the world of internet Radio has this phrase? Oui, oui. Exactly. We have hours to reverse it. Our proposal is to modify books Online Radio... to finally be popular. Let's end this ridiculous domination of Da Vinci! We will Internet page! A social network! Everyone to opine. A program on television, will be greater that "I want to be a Idolo!" with this machine I could dominate world culture. Achieve this feat, win the medal of the Legion of Honor. But if it fails, will direct to the guillotine. Exactly! Another great French invention. Master, Da Vinci and our fellowship are in great danger. I see... Understand. Will do. Ease up cuz. Ease up cuz. - The Heart evil. When married, you promised I would be the new queen. It was way to say, dear. Never said moraríamos Versailles. - The Heart live in Versailles! It was not very good for the last queen.

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