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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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It's better this way until things change. He's better off elsewhere. I been in Alexandria over a year now, dreaming my boy find me here, doing everything I can to make it so. Anything. There's no shame in trying to save your child. I been thinking I should pick up and leave, try to find my Online Radio from some other place, someplace ain't so troubled. My late husband gave me this. It's a mayflower. They're abundant where I'm from in Boston. Sure is pretty. There's a community of free negroes there, on beacon hill. Find Miss Elizabeth Mcandrew. We went to school together. She lives on Boylston. Show this to her. She'll help you find your way Radio And your little boy. You ain't got to do this. No real good comes out of doing what we have to do. It comes out of doing what's right. The provost Marshall will see you now. Thank you. At long last. Smile as if you mean it. Colonel Sinex likes pretty girls. What can I do for you? We were hoping to see Colonel Sinex. Sinex has been reassigned. Reassigned? There was a virus of corruption spreading through this town. The army desires order, so here I am colonel Gregory, the new provost marshal. State your case. That's my favorite. How did you know? You are a man of exquisite taste. All decisions flow from that. Ah. From the moment of occupation onward, you've been a true friend to my family and our interests, and I want to thank you for that. You're quite welcome. And I wonder if I might not offer up a service. Another one? I have heard that fallen union soldiers are not being properly buried in confederate territory, bodies dropped into the ground with no benediction, no recognition, some never buried at all. It's a terrible thing, it is. Perhaps you would allow me to send our coffins South so that all soldiers in this terrible war might be buried with honor. You'd provide the coffins? And the transport. Our furniture company's barge has been grounded since the union came to Alexandria. It wasn't requisitioned? Well, sir, they haven't found it yet. But I could use it to move the coffins as well as anything else. Well, that seems a kind gesture, Mr. Green. I have to wonder how that would benefit you. My father sits in jail. If you could perhaps put in a word for his release, mention our largesse, our unbiased generosity your father is a victim of his own intransigence, sir. There's nothing I can do about that. I will gladly accept your offer, however. Our boys need to be buried properly. Indeed, sir. Green family furniture built in Alexandria will find its way to the Southern battlefields on a mission of mercy. In prison as if he were some common criminal, a thief. How long has it been? Almost two weeks. Can you imagine? This is how we see honest Abe for the tyrant he is families torn apart, innocent men put in jail. Maybe you should write the president a letter. What good would that do? I want to say it to his face. Say what, exactly? I'd tell him that you cannot create a union by force. I'd tell him that my father, as godly and honorable a man as has ever walked the earth, has been unfairly maligned, all for the want of a signature on a piece of foolscap. And I'd tell him that I'm fearful Radio For myself Radio And for my family Radio for all of us. He'd be a fool not to listen. I better get these to the laundry. Yes. Glad to see you're awake. Have I been sleeping long? Most of these past few days. My wife come yet? No, not yet. You got a husband Radio Ma'am? He died Radio Before the war. Was his death long or or quick? Long and then quick. He struggled mightily. I sat by him all that time, and then when the moment finally came Radio I wasn't there. I'd gone out for some supplies. When I came home, he was gone. Don't take that on yourself. Maybe he chose it like that. Maybe Maybe he didn't want you to go through it. Where has all the quinine gone?! If I was quinine, where would I be?! Have you seen the rogue today? Not to worry. I'm gonna show him the folly of his ways. You missed your moment, Byron. That's unfair. How was I to you missed your moment. The union army is suddenly very conscientious about the interior decor of the hospital.

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