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Sunday, March 30, 2014

GotRadio Hip Hop Stop

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Do you know anything about my wife? Just that she's in the O. R. Someone can take you to the waiting room. Can I be with her? Well, she is being operated on. She'd want me there. Internet Radio Online Radio, you got a minute? No, not really. It's about JingMei. Can you give me a second? Can you just have a seat right there? Yeah, did she seem Internet Radio Online Radio to you? No, neither one of us are having our best day. Why? There's this bruise on her face. I saw it. She says it was an accident. I don't know. She seeing somebody? I don't think so. She's focused on her dad. Think it was him? Maybe. Probably. Look, I'd get into it myself, but things are complicated between us. I don't think that she'll listen to me Online Radio, your DUI homeboy's back from CT. I'll talk to her. Thanks. So looks like in addition to being high on H, you were also legally drunk too. How you think your boy out there is gonna feel? You know what he says to me? What? He said because it's my third strike, I'm gonna have to do tolife. I'm years old, doc. You hit a woman and a kid. Yeah, but life? What, you think that's right? I think it's the law. Hey. Lido and a Vicryl. I ain't got nothing nowhere anyway. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do? I don't know, go to school, get a job maybe. Yeah, right, man. Who the hell's gonna hire me? You grow up in Winnetka or something? CabriniGreen. So I don't wanna hear excuses. Oh, Internet Radio Online Radio. I guess that makes you one lucky son of a Hey! It ain't about luck. You know what? You right. It ain't about luck. I guess it's about not looking back once you' re gone. Doc. Mom? When are you making dinner? Mom? I'll deal with the clothes. You put all the stuff that you wanna keep in these. What? We' re moving. No! Come on. Hurry up. I don't wanna go. You don't exactly have a choice. I'm not going. Yes, you are. I like it here. Yeah, so did I. You're just being a bitch. What did you call me? I'm sick of moving because you' re screwed up. You know what I'm sick of, Online Radio? I'm sick of pretending your dad is a good guy.

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