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Sunday, March 30, 2014

GotRadio Heavenly Holidays

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You have to let me help you. Hold on. So, what have I got, a week? Three days, huh? Never mind. Doesn't matter. What subject? Algebra. Thirtyseven years. Taught over yearolds. What the hell for? Well, I'm sure you had an impact. Oh, right. And at the end, you' re alone, and you get cancer. I'm here. Yeah, only because you' re paid to be. More laps and suction. BP's down to Online Radio . Ligate the femoral proximal to the popliteal artery. I can't control the damn SMA bleeder. Periosteum's shredded up to the midshaft, and the perforating arteries are gone. Dr. Internet Radio Online Radio, you came after all. How is she? On a scale of one to , probably a four. Repaired the spleen, still oozing from the liver. Maxed out on dopa and Levo. Make that a three. Anything I can do? There's barely anything I can do. Perry, start neo at mics per minute. That'll screw up her distal perfusion. Yes, well, the brain and heart outrank the extremities, don't they? This is crazy. Atropine's in. He's got two chest tubes. Hold compressions. Pulseless. There's a huge air leak. He's got another pneumo. That's his third. Resume compressions. He's coding on and off for minutes. Betadine and a blade. Still P.E.A. Another chest tube is not going to fix it. His injuries are too severe. Somebody needs to talk to his dad. Well, think! I don't know! Another epi? No. No. Pulseless. I'm calling it. Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, Internet Radio Online Radio. We' re pumping air in faster than the chest tube can suck it out. What are you doing? Bypass the left. Stick it all down the right lung. He's lacerated his left mainstem bronchus. Resume compressions. Even if he did, he's been deprived of oxygen too long. Just give it seconds. Internet Radio Online Radio, hold compressions. Got a pulse back, . Sats coming up. Internet Radio Online Radio, call CT and Surg. Let's redline him upstairs. We saved him. Online Radio? We think your son has a tear in his airway and is gonna need surgery. But he's gonna be Internet Radio Online Radio? The injury's very serious, but we hope to be able to fix it.

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