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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

88.5 HD2 Bluegrass Country

88.5 HD2 Bluegrass Country, Online 88.5 HD2 Bluegrass Country Radio internet, 88.5 HD2 Bluegrass Country USA Radio Go ahead. This is where the quarry would be? Yes. And you sign here. These contours show that all the rainwater will run off into the bay. Rainwater is clean water. There'll be an awful amount of rock dust polluting the whole bay. Well Games It won't be a beautiful spot anymore. Kids, this is enough grown-up stuff for you. Maybe I should think it over. Right. We'll sleep on it. We'll build the quarry in any case. The quarry will be built. Okay kids, let's eat now. We're clone eating. It was delicious. You're not as dumb as everyone thinks. Thanks. Neither are you. Hi there. Help! Sorry. This is a catastrophe. Oh no, Toni. We're stone-cold embarrassed. But we were so hungry. Big Saurs need a lot of food. They'll strangle me. Who? Mom and Dad. I don't think parents do that. They like kids. This isn't working out. Oh, no. No, no. I think he got mad at us. I'm ashamed. Big time. Toni is my best friend. Are you crying? This is professor Antero Tiukkanen. Who are you? Toni. I sent you an e-mail about the footprints. So you found dinosaur footprints? Right. They were real. I'm sure. How about this? It's cold out there. We don't want to go there. What if we find you a new home? How did you do that? I just shot what happened. If that's real. . Oh my. You 'll be world-famous. But we have to find them a shelter. They're destroying my house. The place won't be a problem. I'll cut my holiday short and be right over. I didn't have time to tell you they're from Mystic Mountain. Where's that? They don't know. We should find them a safe place. Who were you talking to? A chat buddy of mine. We have to find the mountain and take them so they'll be safe. Oh, my. How can we make this up to Toni? Why were we so stupid? Take it easy now. Pea soup! Let's go! Wait! No way we'll wait! We mustn't make Toni mad. But we won't be able to resist this for very long. We'll have to figure something out. What's he up to? Let's tie ourselves down. With this. Are you serious? We have to control ourselves. I guess you're right. Hurry up so they don't tear down the whole house. We have to get groceries so my mom doesn't get suspicious. If they don't get food, they'll wander off again. Will they eat that? We can't afford to feed them steaks. Help me. Come to Daddy. A tight package! Really tight. It must be tight. It's hard to breathe. One thing just crossed my mind. How will we tie you down? Right. Good question. On the other hand, there's the possibility that I could sort of go and check out the situation. Get back! Hi. What happened this time? Who did that to you? There was this small incident. Come on, come on. Come on, come on. Come on. Yes! No! Help! What was that? Was that Compy-Mompy? Let's go and have a look. We have to go. Toni! Where exactly are we going this time? Can't you see that we have to find a proper shelter for you? You wait here. We have to take the groceries to Suvi's parents. We'll stay right here. Word of honor. That's right. Bye now. See you! Back in the forest again. Any explanations? What's that car doing in your yard? You take the groceries. I'll go and have a look. Toni, I presume. Professor Tiukkanen? Please call me Antero. Get ready to conquer the world. I've been in touch with all major dinosaur research institutes. New York, Moscow, Paris. Where are the Anterosaurs? What? We can name one of them Tonisaur, if you want. They went to get some fresh air. By themselves? They're nearby. You can wait here. Dinosaur poop! We're getting nowhere with this home project. True. And whose fault is that? Yeah. It's that smell again. Who were they? Who? The people in your yard. Researchers. They came to get the Saurs. I can't believe this. You're no better than Iivari and Maxim. Where would you put them? In the school. It's empty until August. Meanwhile we'll look for Mystic Mountain. It won't work. Use your brain. Use your heart. Try telling them you've sold them out. Don't you know they think you're their best friend? Where have they gone? I wonder if Iivari has something to do with it. Boys, come and eat! Did you mean us? I'm only thinking about what

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