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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

88.9 HD2 KCRW Eclectic24

88.9 HD2 KCRW Eclectic24, Online 88.9 HD2 KCRW Eclectic24 Radio internet, 88.9 HD2 KCRW Eclectic24 USA Radio 's best for you Games Hi. You invited us to eat, huh? WOW! I'm all stiff. Daddy! Little sister! Who are you? We're your brothers. You shall be called Milly-Pilly. Okay. Oh, no. Do you want to join our band? Sure thing. Daddy. Daddy, come here. There he went! Where did Daddy go? He fell into a pit. Daddy, is that your nest? Milly-Pilly, let's go and see Suvi and Toni. They're nice little humans. Only if Daddy comes too. He's not your daddy. Right. We'll leave him in the pit. He kept us as prisoners. Shut your snouts. I want Daddy. Although he's been a bit mean, we can't leave him in the pit. Right on. Yoo-hoo! Mr. Heavysaur! Where are you? Hi Suvi and Toni! Look! There's one more of us! Hi! Are you a girl? Yep. Can we be friends and share all our secrets? Do you like that boy? No. What's he doing here? He promised to be nice. Yeah, he's my daddy. You shouldn't be so trusting. You wouldn't betray us now would you? No, no. Have mercy! Daddy wouldn't betray us. Toni has something to say to you. I have a home for you. Will you live there with us? That's the question. The school is that way. As you well know. Or would you like to introduce the Heavysaurs to your new friends? More friends? Are they as nice as you two? Daddy. You go to the school. I'll go and explain the situation. Well? Where are they? There are no Saurs. I just wanted some attention. Sorry. Don't try to fool me, kiddo. I saw the video tape. The footprints. The poop. This removes all doubts. I made the prints myself. And another potential home. We've seen quite a few of them. You can stay here until the end of the summer. How about the music? It's been a while since we jammed. There's a music room here. Nice acoustics in here. How about some food? Riff-Raff, this way! Hit it! Take me to them now. Okay. Let's go and have a look. I saw an old soda bottle beneath the pier I scooped it up I cut my holiday short and drove kilometers to get here. I'm sorry. They can't exist because there's no scientific evidence of them. I told you so. Don't even dream of getting into a university. I dropped the bottle and realized something We're going on a wild treasure hunt! Yo-ho-ho! We march forward like pirates! Do you have any recollection where Mystic Mountain is? Over there. I was in an egg then. We left in a rush because of the bang. It was more like a boom. You mean the explosion? It happened on the day you stole the sausages. There was an explosion then. Iivari! Yes? Where were they blasting that day? At Majestic Mountain. The boys saw a strange creature at the site. And the demolition went wrong in a funny way. But now I have to go to the warehouse to get more food. Can Mystic Mountain be the same as Majestic Mountain? That's it! No activity. It looks as if they stopped digging. I wonder if Maxim's project has stalled. Let's ask Iivari. Are you ready to talk? We've had a lot of trouble with the bees this year. And there seems to be more on the way. I know nothing about the Saurs! I just want to live in peace! To build a house. Let's go! Don't go! No! Don't worry, the little stingers will take care of you. Hey! Let me out! I'm scared! All right, I'll tell you. If you try to pull our leg, next time the stingers won't be small. They'll be big. Yeah, Gina has bubble gum! When she blows a bubble you can watch her fly Yeah, Gina has bubble gum! She disappears into the sky And we can't see her anymore Yeah, Gina has bubble gum! She disappears into the sky You can watch her fly Yeah, Gina has bubble gum! She disappears into the sky And we can't see her anymore, more, more! I'm feeling it! Good news! We found Mystic Mountain! There won't be any more explosions. You can go home now. But this is almost as cozy. The best home so far. Mommy told us not to go back there. And she promised to join us. She'll be here any second. She told you that because it was dangerous. But it's not anymore. This could be dangerous. Really? It's better to go back to Mystic Mountain. The kids are up like clockwork. From a.m. to p.m. Here are some pictures. Please don't touch. Here. I see. Good. We'll strike tonight.

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