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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

MPR News 91.1 FM

MPR News 91.1 FM, Online MPR News 91.1 FM Radio internet, MPR News 91.1 FM USA Radio One for you, too. Out! I want to hear a bedtime story. Mommy always read us one. The one where vultures and alligators fight over food. That's a good one. I can try. Once upon a time there was a great mountain. Five jolly Heavysaurs lived there. But one was a dragon! They had a mother who cooked them delicious meals. How much? How much? A big plateful. Must be one enormous plate! One's not enough. At least ten of them. Or a hundred. A truckload. Now you're talking. That would be appetizers for me. I wonder what's holding Iivari up. You think it's safe to leave them here by themselves? Help. I'm afraid. I see. I'll protect you. Have no fear. Hello there. No need to be scared. I'm here with my friends with the best of intentions. Way to go! Show them! As a matter of fact, your friends Toni and Suvi sent us. We're offering you an exceptionally nice home where food never runs out. Where you can play your music. I might even be able to line up some gigs for you. I have experience as a music agent. This sounds really good. I've worked with a number of big stars and I've sold a lot of gigs. I'll get you gigs. I want to go on a tour. Yoo-hoo! Where are you? "Thanks for everything. We've gone home. We got homesick." I'm not buying this. The Saurs don't know how to write. They wouldn't leave without saying goodbye. Mr. Maxim! When do we get food? I'm hungry. Food? Later! I see. Losing weight never hurt anyone. What's he saying? When's our stadium gig? In clue time. Now we'll rehearse the tricks! Gigs? Quiet! Gigs! There'll be a big audience at the opening. That means a lot of dough. Dough? Can we eat that? You two, stand guard at the door. Don't let anyone in. Anyone trying to enter will be sorry. Let's go then. Are we in a bad situation now? What's going to happen to us? I know nothing about the Heavysaurs. How do you know it's about them? All right then. But there's not much I can do about Maxim. You have to help us. I'm too scared to show my face anywhere. At least we know where they are now. Toni and Suvi! Can't you get out of there? No. The lock is much stronger than the one Iivari had. We tried, but there's no way out. They promised us food and gigs. We were stupid to believe. Maxim talked about getting us tons of gigs. What are you doing? Taking a picture of that lock. Someone can tell us how to open it. Tell my daddy to come and get me. Why don't you say hi to him yourself? Daddy. I love you because you're the strongest and the most beautiful daddy in the world. You make good food and you would never leave us. I'll show Maxim what I think of him. No matter what. Take it easy. We must have a proper plan. Okay. The cage is so solid that we have to take the whole cage. How? There's a crane. But where will we take them? To Mystic Mountain, where else? They have a car. They'll catch us. The road's not finished. Let's go somewhere cars can't reach. Yeah. If we took this route, the scenery would be nice. We just have to check the depth here. Let's go for a spin. Wow! Which way is the wind blowing now? From the south. This is the start button.

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