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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


WNYC-AM, Online WNYC-AM Radio internet, WNYC-AM ABD Radio We found it under a car cover By the motel. My men are checking it now. The registrants are in room . The motel's being evacuated, And we're prepared to wake them up. Is the boy in the front room? We don't think so. Then where? We think he's in the bathroom. It's in the middle of the building. We won't do anything that would endanger your son. You find out who phoned in the tip? Not yet. You have I.D. On these guys? There are indications they're out of Chicago. Sheriff. Excuse me. The puck's bouncing against the boards. What's with you? Not much. You're blocking the picture. Why don't you sit down and watch TV or something? Nothing's going to happen for an hour. Mrs. Brody, we found something we need you to look at. It may be Eric's shirt. There's blood on it. So please, be prepared. It's his. Where did you find it? In the car. I know how it looks Games That blood could come from a bloody nose. What are you going to do? They're going in. They have no choice. We'll be throwing tear gas. Suppose he's right. Suppose it's a bloody nose. This could up the ante, surely. They have to surprise them. Why can't you wait for them to come out? Can't you call in and tell them they're surrounded? If you tip their hand, These guys could use Eric for a hostage. Now, you stay here, you hear me? Why did they have to kidnap him? Why would anyone want to kidnap him? I don't know. I don't know. Go. [Coughing] It's a double-Cross! Aah! Call it off! Tell them to stop! Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! Stop, you stupid hicks! No! No! No! No! Let me go! Let me go! Let them do their jobs. Let them do their jobs! Ready. Eric! Mrs. Brody, get outside! Get outside. Don't go in there. Stay outside, Mrs. Brody. Outside! Eric! I'm live at the scene of the Cavlet motel, Where the search continues for young Eric Brody. Earlier today, the hotel was evacuated Games [telephone ringing] [Ring] [Ring] Hello. Mr. Carkin? We have a problem. Better? Where's sheriff Sandstrum? They want us to go back to the horseshoe, Where they can reach us. About Eric? That's all they said. I'll tell you on the way. Those guys never had Eric. They had him hidden somewhere? They're professionals out of Chicago Games Hit men don't leave clues in car trunks. Then how did his shirt get in there? There is no Douglas Patrick Brody in California. Don't start this again! You're saying I put the shirt there? What do you know about him? Patrick's lived with us for four months. He could have taken Eric anytime. Why don't you answer that? Therthey are! Have you heard anything else about the child? Get in the car. Go on. Just back off, guys. Leave her alone. Could we just get one statement, please? [Honks horn] Where are we going? I don't know. Anywhere. I'll call Sandstrum, o.K.? Let's find another motel, o.K.? We'll check in for a while. I'm Patrick Simpkins in California. Why? It's my real name. I changed it when I left prison. I was in prison for S&L fraud. When I got out, I wanted a new life, So I got a new name. I would have told you, but Bonner got there first. You had time before our wedding. It was my uncle's S&L. He used me as a front. My name was on all the documents. I didn't tell you because I was ashamed. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Is Patrick Brody still registered here? Yes, he is. I have to see his room. Police emergency. Thank you. I don't need you anymore. I owe you one. Come on. Come on. Gotcha. [Water running] [Busy signal] Still busy? Yeah. The operator? Yeah, that line's busy, too. I think there's something wrong with this phone. Well, that's how it always is. Phone is there until you really need them, And then they're out or Games Look, did you dial eight first? Yeah. O.K. Um Games let's just go back. Let's just sit here for an hour or so, And then we'll go back, o.K.? Everything's going to be fine. Sandstrum doesn't want to talk to me, anyway. Thinks I'm in his way. He doesn't want an hysterical woman Interfering with his investigation. But what's he done so far? Nothing! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come here. Just sit down, will you? All right? Relax. O.K.? And stay focused. Poor Eric. I Games his father and his mother got him into this mess. I wish I could trade places with him. Look at me. Now's not the time to go to pieces. Now is the wrong time to fall apart. I know. O.K. Come on. Take this. Here you go. Take this. There you go. Better? Yeah. Um Games could I have a glass of water? Sure. [Water running] What I think we should do is Games [Telephone rings] Come on. Come on. Come on. [Ring] [Ring] [Hangs up telephone] [Patrick panting] You read about people who throw ashtrays, You see it in movies Games You never think it's going to happen to you. Like a lot of things. It's a bit late in the game To pretend, isn't it, hmm? I'm o.K. I'm o.K. I'm all right. I'm a little annoyed. I mean, all that hard work, All that planning. A double-Cross throws a wrench Into everything. Whoo! Is Eric alive? Alive as can be. Is he in there? Where? Is he in there? Come on, now. No, no, no. Relax. That's o.K. Come on. Are you going to hurt us? Why would I do that, hmm? I love you Games both. Oh Games a marvelous

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