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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


TALK RADİO 570 KVI, Online TALK RADİO 570 KVI Radio internet, TALK RADİO 570 KVI USA Radio What place is this? Is there food? You look pretty real. But I'm not scared of you. Not at all. You ran away from Fun World. We're the real deal. Do you happen to have any food? Maxim, hi. I know it's late. I just wanted to let you know your creatures are here. Those dinosaurs. Or the dudes dressed up as dinosaurs. Could we play in here? Let's taste this. Maxim, I'll call you back. Hunger! Hunger! like a thunder! Bring us a scoop if there's pea soup Who are you, anyway? We're Heavysaurs. And one dragon. And? We're a band. Our bellies are empty. We need food. We're starving. Dinosaurs eat tons, you know. Where do you come from? Mystic Mountain. You don't look that dangerous. But we are. Mommy always says we're a wild bunch. I bet. And now you need a home? Yep. Right on. And food? Exactly. Well, stay here then. I'll get you some food. Yaw.! Maxim, hi. It's me again. I have a business proposal for you. I wonder what's inside. Let's wait until he goes to bed. We have to go home. So you're scared. I'm not. But we can't go there as long as he's around. We can come back in the morning. This isn't as nice as Mystic Mountain, but it's a home. Let's sleep; breakfast time will come sooner that way. You have a point there. We forgot our little sister. We have to get her. We'll do that in the morning. I'm hungry and it's cold and dark. Besides we have to figure out how to find our way back there. Here's oatmeal. It'll give you energy for the long day ahead. Lasse. This would be a good time to reveal the surprise. Let's pretend we're still fighting so they don't suspect anything. As soon as you're finished, we'll go to the car. Dad's waiting. Ta-dah! We'll take a three-day cruise aboard the M/S Suvi. Three clays? I'm not going to sea with him. It means a lot to Daddy. He's been fixing that boat for five years. I'm allergic to fish. The sea is full of fish. I'm not going, either. Why not? I have to feed the hamster. I'm in the middle of a book. All I'm asking for is one sane answer. A hamster! We don't even have a hamster. Are you sure he's not there? Looks pretty quiet to me. Listen. There must be a way to get in. Come. This is not a good idea at all. Chickening out? There are no real dinosaurs here. They're related to birds. We might catch bird flu. And maybe they're not herbivores after all. Oops. What? Let's get out of here! They're predators! What was that? Don't move. Oh, I won't. Is that breakfast? Well well, what have we here? What's wrong with them? Standing all still. Looks like the little human. He sure does. That was an awesome meal. My mouth is still watering. The meat sticks were alright. They don't look very dangerous to me. We're Heavysaurs. Heavysaurs? If this is a dream, can you wake me up? A pretty amusing dream. Mr. Toni and Miss Suvi. Can you help us? We forgot our little sister in the place where we played last night. We can't find our way back there. Wait a minute. You played at the mall yesterday? Stop! Your little sister? Actually, she's still an egg. Her name will be Milly-Pilly. Milly-Pilly! She'll be this big.

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