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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


WQXR FM, Online WQXR FM Radio internet, WQXR FM ABD Radio You're a brave woman. Thank you for everything. Good-Bye, son. Have a good plane trip. Bye. Wait here, sweetie. You're bobby carkin, aren't you? You can't buy someone else's child, Mr. Carkin. Why not? You did. No, my husband did. But I raised Eric, and he's as much mine As if I gave birth to him. You wanted to buy him like he was a puppy. People died because you wanted your puppy. I've told the police what I know about you. And? And if anything happens to my son Games mom. Hmm? Was I part of the sin? Honey, in a way. But you didn't do anything wrong. Other people did. Flight for st. Louis, boarding Games I'm still your son, aren't I? You still love me, don't you? I will always love you, Eric. You'll always be my son. You always were. Captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. Captions copyright MTE, inc. Don't talk to strangers ()_ld_x_aw But who stares back at you? It's the same old witch, no one new Are you pretty enough, that's what you wonder Don't change a thing, that would be a blunder Scruffy Mama, you're the prettiest one of all Our Scruffy Mama Scruffy Mama We all adore you And I'm sure you know it too What's that? What's the noise? Stay here. Help. Should we be worried? A cool sound. DEMOLITION AREA This way, boys and girls. Hurry up. Come here. You all have your life jackets? Yeah. Good. Listen. We have a surprise for you after the boat trip. Director Maxim has invited us all to his new Fun World. But it's not even ready yet. True, but he has great plans for our village. We should all be very polite to him. Okay? Okay, let's move. We have a nice clay ahead of us. Welcome to the best amusement park in the Nordic countries, Fun World. I hope I'll be seeing a lot of you here. He wants us to spend all our money here. In honor of your trip I got you some high quality sausages. There's nitrite in sausages. And monosodium glutamate. It messes up your brain and causes behavioral problems. You must've eaten tons. Let me show you what the park is all about. Iivari, turn on the power. Mökö and Lökö, hand me the megaphone. Fun World will expand towards the cape. On top of Majestic Mountain we'll build the highest Ferris Wheel in the Nordic countries. You'll be able to see Tallinn. The quarrying has already started. That much digging for a Ferris wheel? We’ll just shave off a bit on the side of a rock. Let me assure you, I'm a real nature lover. In Fun World, you'll be able to see animals from the Stone Age. For instance, this ferocious carnivore, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous. That's a Plateosaurus, a herbivore. Plateo Games Whatever, wise guy. Who cares about a few dead lizards? If you build a dinosaur park, you have to get your facts straight. You should open a bacteria park and be the germophobic guide in it. You could be the origin of all the germs. Suvi. I'll move to Grandma's if he comes to stay with us. Behave yourself and listen. Let me tell you more about the park. Boys! Come here immediately! They're going to blow up Mystic Mountain. Oh no! Should we hide in a hole in the ground? We're inside a hole in the ground. They can't beat me. I'll stop them. Should we come with you? No. You stay here. Riff-Raff. Mom. Compy-Mompy. Muffy-Puffy. And Mr. Heavysaur. If I'm not back by the time all the sand has fallen, take your sister and get out of here. Why? Her name shall be Milly-Pilly. Remember, you're a band. Together you can do anything. Find a new home. It's about time for that anyway. I’ll join you there a little later. Bye now. Bye. And she's gone. What now? Mommy's instructions were clear. We'll watch the sand falling. Okay. Hi everyone. My name is Lasse. Welcome aboard the M/S Suvi. This boat was named after our Suvi. Dad, you're embarrassing me. Welcome aboard, Mrs. Principal. Where's Toni? He said he's seasick. We arranged other activities for him. He had an argument with Suvi. Again. I see. A- la-ka-zam. Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy. A- la-ka-zam. Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy. Where did she come from? Annoying! Off with all these! Get out! It's going to explode! Finito. What now? I'll show them. You can't blast around here. Sorry guys. We must do what Mommy said. Mommy Games Farewell, Mystic Mountain, Bye, home. Thanks for everything. But where will we find a new home? That's right. We'll find one. We're big boys. So big that nothing scares us. And so it was time for the Heavysaurs to go and see the world. Bye bye. Take my hand. Towards a new home! I wish this whizzing in my ears would stop. Maybe I should've listened to the long-haired demolition dudes. I'm not going to completely abandon the Saurs. I'll watch from the sidelines, to see how they do. Right. Raisa, thanks for letting us know. Well? Well. Our son also suffers from seasickness, if you didn't know. They gave him stuff to do while the others went on the boat trip. He also had an argument with Suvi. Can we leave him for a week? You can leave a child for as many clays as he is years old. Toni is ten, and we'll only be gone for eight days. Maybe I should stay home. It's your business trip anyway. Toni could've traveled with us

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