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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Soft Rock 106.5

Soft Rock 106.5, Online Soft Rock 106.5 Radio internet, Soft Rock 106.5 ABD Radio if he didn't refuse to fly. "The same bacteria circulates in the airplane". Yeah. Look. Could that be our new home? Is that how humans live? Pretty ugly. It sure is ugly. Disgustingly colorful. Not cozy like a cave. Come along now. No way could we live there. We'd need to fix it up. It needs a coat of gray paint. Like our cave had. That's right. That little human ran fast! Humans must be very busy. We've never walked this much. I've never been this hungry. Look at that. The little human must've been cooking. Fire and everything. Let's see if there's anything to eat. Lunch break, boys. All sorts of interesting stuff here. Go for it! Give me some. This looks good. There's chili in the aftertaste. How do you know what chili tastes like? Let's keep on going. We should find a home before it gets dark. Toni. Where are the sausages? I think I heard a bear. He thought about our health and threw them into the sea. Stop. Looks like we don't have any sausages. Let's head back to school. You can have crackers and yoghurt there. I know you're all hungry, but we still have to walk back. Toni! If you have friends over, be careful with this. The vases are so special we can't even use them. I'll take your books over to Suvi's house. You feel uncomfortable staying at the neighbors'? No. But it's so dirty at their house. They live like normal people. You'll be just fine. Suvi, can you wash the bathroom? Thoroughly. I already cleaned the kitchen. Isn't that enough? No. It's so annoying to have to clean the house for that loony freak. The loony freak's books are here. Sorry. She's right. In a way. Toni has character. That's not a bad thing. I hope he won't get on your nerves. We'll get some cleaning done. Maybe it's good for him to stay in a messy Games I mean, in a home with normal hygiene standards. At least he's nice and not a troublemaker. Yeah. I'm hungry again. And we just ate. Same here. And it's cold. Don't worry, Muffy-Puffy. We'll find a home soon. But who'll cook for us there? Good question. Let's check if the little human has more of those meat sticks. Meat sticks? Lunch is ready! I’ll just wash my hands. What's holding Toni up? I guess our bathroom wasn't clean enough. Did he go home to use the bathroom there? Yup. Enough on this topic. Hi. Hi. Here you go. I don't believe you. Not at the table. What footprint is this? Stegosaurus. Where do they live? If you've found one, you'll be world-famous! The award for Young Scientist of the Year goes to Games Can you get the cookies? I already put the movie on. My legs are all stiff. Us Heavysaurs go stiff when it gets cold. Don't you remember what I am? I'm a dragon! I can warm you up. And a bit of heat for you, too. Alrighty. Another potential new home. Come and have a look. What's that? It looks pretty gloomy. Have we become picky? We have to have some standards. You're right about that. How does one get in there? We have to be cautious. Police. Hi, it's Roikonen. It looks like an open night here at the mall. Who's there? A bunch of dinosaurs eating the frozen food section empty. Stop joking. I'm not joking. They look like lizards to me. Right. They'll make a cool sound. Never seen a better pantry. Mommy would be proud of us for finding a home this quick. Yeah. That's right. Let's play now that our bellies are full. Like back in the home cave. Here we go. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, three, four. Hey. What's that noise? That's heavy metal. What's that? What's going on? Hi. We want food, we want chow We're not on a diet Bring me tons and tons of food! I love to see my belly inflate Dinosaurs will eat anything yummy Their studded belts explode from an expanding tummy No problem. I'll protect you. This sounds pretty bad. Let's go. Did we sound that bad? Run! What about us? I guess we run too. Rock and roll! Guys, let's split. Quick, let's go. What's going on in here? They were green. One ran in that direction. Lizards. One had red hair. Red and green. Where are you coming from? The karaoke bar. Maybe you sang one song too many. They were dinosaurs. They ran over there, fast. I know it sounds strange. They had big teeth. They had studs everywhere. Metalhead dinosaurs. Are you still up? I've got something you'll want to hear. Now that you woke me up let's hear it. Stegosaurus, also known as the roof lizard. It lived in the Late Jurassic Period. meters long, meters tall. Weight over , kilos. Did you wake me up to look at pictures of lizards? Yes, because they're roaming around here as we speak. You've lost your mind for good. They must've eaten the sausages. You don't have to explain. I wouldn't have eaten Maxim's sausages anyway. Tell me who this footprint belongs to then? It's Maxim's PR stunt. He dressed someone in a dinosaur costume. How would that help him? Okay, let's pretend that they're real legosaurs. Stegosaurs. Whatever. You want to catch them or what? First I'd take photos, then inform researchers and maybe the police. Well, go and take photos. Or are you scared? No. So you're scared. I'm not. I just need a witness in case the photos don't turn out good. I'll go with you. Because you're scared. Hey Metalhead, you have any idea where we're going? That way. What's over there? I don't know. We could also go that way. Or that way if it seems better. Look at that. Good evening. Relatives. Yoo-hoo! We're Heavysaurs. And one dragon. Are you also a band? What music do you play? Hi! They seem like the silent type. Yep. Vicious-looking bunch. Right. Did you see that? Some of them ran away. What's up? Who ran away? The dinos. They went that way. Go and get some sleep, boys. See, here they are. That's where Maxim's PR stuntmen have gone. Wait a minute. What sound is this? Look at that! What's that? It's definitely alive. One of us, for sure. Must be. Let's go! Wait! Wait! Hey, buddy! Stop! We're family! Wait! Wait! Wait! Told you so. The footprints continue here. We're family! This is horrible. Howdy, buddy. Is this supposed to be a saurus? What sort of cave is this? So this is one of us? Who told you that? You, for one. You ran after him too. It was too dark to see. It looked like us in the dark.

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