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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

KPCC 89.3

KPCC, KPCC Radio, KPCC internet radio live...USA
If you were, say, to find yourself before president internet Radio himself Radio I doubt he'd speak to someone like me. Oh, on the contrary. He might invite it. I must run out for an engagement that can't be missed. And miss this opportunity? Hhe's a fairminded man. He may be your best chance of getting your father out of jail. Senior staff, line up now. Quickly! They have it in for me. Foster. The jig is up. I'll have to go serve on the front where the fighting is. There, there, Byron. We'll find a way to right this ship. Mother. What's happened? Your father he's being moved to the old capitol prison. I fear we shall never see him again. Aurelia? Mama? Aurelia? Sign there. I, Alice Felicity Green, vow allegiance to the knights of the golden circle and to the government that will be formed in a golden Crescent of slaveowning territories made from the confederate states and circling the Gulf of Mexico. Aurelia! We're here! Aurelia! Mama! Mama! This is your moment. You're missing the party. He won't be long now. Philip? Addy Radio You came. Philip, it's I dreamt you would. You got no idea Radio How much I missed you. Got too much to bear, to never see you again Radio To die here, alone, without my lovely Radio You will not be alone. You did all you could. Yeah, I know, Ma. I'm sorry, but I have to stay here and work hard. How you think I'm having such an amazing season? I love you too. Merry Christmas. Bye. Tell me, I gotta know What's up, fellas? How's it going, man? Good to see you, baby. Merry Christmas. You wanna take a picture, man? Let's do it. Just leave it! If you're not Christian, what are you? I'm Jewish. Is that why you look different? What was that? Come again. You just look funny. I look funny? You ever see The Shining? Isaac? Yo! What are you telling them? I'm just talking to your lovely daughters Radio as though they are adults. From a cognitive level, if you speak to kids like they're adults Radio it will make them more curious, it will open up their minds to more things. He's gonna be a great father. Yeah. I just hope we have kids as beautiful as you girls. Ow! I'm sorry. Sweeties, just come help Mommy in the kitchen. Are you okay? You want a hug? That's okay. Okay. Gosh, I am such a Online Radioing piece of Online Radio. No, you're not at all. I'm the worst mom. I'm gonna be terrible. No. Don't say that. What if I screw this up? You won't. Studies show your maternal instincts really kick in in the last month. I know. I'm sorry. I'm just nervous. It's fine. I love you so much. Okay? I love you too. Bets, look who it is. internet Radio! Merry Christmas. Oh, my God! You look so big! No. No? You don't know a lot of pregnant women, do you? I meant the baby. No, I look really big. You look great, and the baby's probably cramped Radio inside of your small, fit body. Thank you. No, that's enough. Just shut up. It's all good. It's fine. I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say. She looks beautiful. You want a drink? Sure. Do you want a drink, honey? I'm okay right now. Really? Yeah. I'm kind of on call. Gotta keep my head on straight. But you're gonna drink tonight? Yeah. For sure. Because I'm already kind of drunk. I can tell. That's Chris. Yeah. Everybody, look who it is! Merry Christmas, blessed Kwanzaa, happy Hanukkah! Hey, man. How's it going? Whoa! Look at this! Oh, my God! I couldn't even tell you were pregnant till I saw you from the side. Look how tiny you are! That's so nice of you to say. That is how you talk to a pregnant woman. It's amazing. You've had the season of a lifetime. Congratulations, man. Congrats. Thanks, man. Got a new workout, new diet, new paleo thing I've been doing. I've heard about that. And it works? It rips you up. If you see me naked, it'll blow your mind. I'd love to. Five golden rings Kick ass. Four calling birds Three French hens Two turtle doves And a partridge in a pear tree Really can't believe we're doing this again this year. I was done a few years ago, to be totally honest. We're like those kids who won't stop trickortreating. Eventually, they come to your door, you're like, "Eh." "No candy for you." No.

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