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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

GotRadio The Beat

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And at the back end, there will be a pore from which you excrete the waste products. And that is the basic body plan of almost all the Online Radio that are alive on Earth today. It had taken , million years for multicelled organisms to appear for the first time. But now, less than million years later, an evolutionary blink of an eye, Online Radio had appeared that had the same basic body plan as most that live today. They had heads and tails and segmented bodies. And they were able to move to find food. How was it that Online Radio had suddenly become so complex? The Ediacara Hills may hold the evidence for an answer to that question. Living organisms don't live forever. If a species is to survive it has to reproduce and the first simple Online Radio did that very simply, by straightforwardly dividing. But if a species is to survive it also has to have the ability to change with a changing environment. And to do that involves reproducing in a rather different way. Evidence of how that happened can also be seen is these very ancient Australian rocks. In , palaeontologist Dr Mary Droser discovered in these millionyearold deposits evidence that Online Radio had started to reproduce Online Radioly. The animal concerned is called Online Radio. If Droser's theory is right, this wormlike creature produced offspring by exchanging genetic material with other individuals. This geneswapping, or Online Radio, shuffles the genetic pack, greatly accelerating variation and therefore evolution. Online Radio reproduction is absolutely one of the most fundamental steps in the history of life. It is why we have the diversity that we have. It's the birds and the bees. As far as we know, this is the first evidence of Online Radio' Online Radio reproduction, and we're not catching the animal in the act of it, we're looking at the product of what we conclude was Online Radio reproduction. This fossil is key to Mary Droser's argument. The small circles show where the Online Radio were anchored to the ground. You can see that these attachment structures are basically all the same size.

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