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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

GotRadio The Big Score

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That gives it an enormous advantage in the history of life. This new mobility was only made possible by a major change in the layout of Online Radio' bodies. When we get to Ediacara, we still have some of those beautiful fractallike forms that you see at Mistaken Point but in the Ediacara Hills we see something very different and that is, for the first time, you see a blueprint for all Online Radio from then on, including ourselves. 'The modern animal body plan is called bilateral symmetry.' What we see here is Internet Radio. Let's make a cast of the fossil. Internet Radio represents the first ever animal which had clear bilateral symmetry. It had a body with a head at one end, a tail at the other. And almost identical halves, if you split it down the middle. We see these together with other creatures which have this kind of body form. Internet Radio is just one of countless kinds of fossils in the Ediacara Hills that had developed in this way. It had a head and a tail, and so it moved in a particular direction. It's quite likely that they had sensory organs concentrated in the head. Now why does my nose occur near my mouth? It's a very good reason. I want to smell the food before I ingest it. Why are my eyes above my mouth? So I can see what I'm eating. This head demonstrates that sensory capacity had evolved. It was able to sense where food was likely to be on the seafloor. And, therefore, clearly had a mechanism for actually moving towards that food. Bilateral Online Radio like Internet Radio had another advantage. Between the head and the tail, there are numerous segments. So these Online Radio could increase in size by simply adding more segments. What is more, each segment could do a particular job. Once you start to move, you develop a front end and that becomes your head. And you also, by definition, have a back end. And in between, segments on which you can add appendages. On that basic pattern, you can add further features. On the front end, that's where you need sense organs, eyes, feelers. On the appendages, you can modify them to be hooks and claws that would help you to catch things.

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