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Sunday, March 23, 2014

GotRadio Classic 60's

GotRadio Classic 60's, GotRadio Classic 60's Live, GotRadio Classic 60's Listen Online, 60s Radio, USA

What are you doing? What are you doing? Ah.. someone told me to bring some food Online Radio Who? Are you going somewhere? Ahh Online Radio Plan.. I'm going to the village and will be back soon. The village? My mom misses me, so Online Radio Only day then I'll be back. I'll meet her and come back immediately tomorrow. Then why do you want the dishes? Ahh these? There's no such thing in my village.. so I want to bring this as present Online Radio Ajooma Online Radio Yes Online Radio Yes Ms. Get more of this for her. And are there anything in the warehouse? If yes give them to her too. And ask Drive Kim to order some seafood, and bring a lot of fruits too. Does your teacher like wine? Give this to your teacher. You don't have to do this Online Radio It's so burdensome Online Radio After you're back from the village this time, don't think about going there for a while. no Online Radio I was called "kingka" in the old days Online Radio but I went through a lot.. The life of a director is really difficult Online Radio It's really tiring.. Online Radio Look at the scenery. Online Radio? Where where? Yahhhhh It's so freaking beautiful, huh! Online Radio? Where is it here? I'm not going to tell you We are on the way to the plan meeting, with Online Radio. Wow Online Radio .freaking good Online Radio Yes.. You bought all this? Online Radio. Yes. You got this too? For a casual meeting? Actually, a customer at the place Internet Radio works give these things to the boss. And the boss gave all these to Internet Radio as present. And Internet Radio gave them to me. Yah Online Radio is really an angel! Yes, Internet Radio prepares things for me to take everyday! Director. I'm really good at judging people. This wine looks expensive. Stay there. I must call Online Radio. Ahh no! Why? She's at work now. She won't answer the phone when working. Please call her after she gets off duty. Then give me the phone. Please call after she gets off duty. Yah, I'm gonna stop eating meat. Can't you see how skinny Online Radio is?! Don't you think she's pitiful? No. I’m okay Online Radio hit music..

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