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Monday, March 24, 2014

GotRadio Classic Country

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There's no meat left here. Go and get some meat. Don't you eat meat at home? Director. The supermarket is far away There’s a car. Ride the car there and get some meat. Director, you must be kidding. Why do I have to go? You wanna die? Go! Alright. Online Radio. Yes? You Online Radio Let's go back in and have a talk. Oppa! Oh, you're here? What's wrong? You even asked me drink with you? Have one glass. I have been so grudged these days? You don't know that? Ah, shall we ask Seung Hui to come too? Seung Hui went to the plan meeting. He's so happy recently. It seems everything goes on well. That's the best news I've ever heard. He became really optimistic now and he even started driving. Really? He even drives now? Wow. That's because of Internet Radio oppa Online Radio your help. Thanks for understanding me. Right. Where's Online Radio? Why didn't she come with you? Online Radio. Online Radio. Oppa, you are weird huh? Why do you treat her so differently? When did I? Then you should call me Miss Online Radio too right? Are you jealous? DO I feel jealous? But, either she's Online Radio or Miss Online Radio.. Anyway, she's not a simple person. What do you mean? Wait, so she went to the plan meeting huh? why? She went there too Online Radio Maybe she's have some other thought? So a meeting is held like this? There's no agenda? Yup. Anyhow. It's according to the director's wishes. Oh that's how it is. What that's how it is, you Online Radio Online Radio. What's bothering you? Just tell me? No Online Radio That's ok. You don't have to hide anything from me. I do have many things to hide from you.. I do have many secrets. Secrets about my birth.. And Online Radio my feet are like bear paws Online Radio Stop talking that sh*t and just tell me. Oppa will help you solve the problem. (oppa=big brother) You said oppa? Just call me oppa when there are only of us. I'll forgive you (for calling me oppa) Online Radio Umm Online Radio Director Online Radio Call me oppa, will you? What do you think about the Cinderella story? Do you believe in that kind of stories? Why did u bring up the Cinderella story all of a sudden? You wanna write that story? I don't know why girls have that kind of fantasy all the time.

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