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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amor 93.1

Amor 93.1, Online Amor 93.1 Radio internet, Amor 93.1 ABD Radio do you accept or not? You disgust me. Yes, we're disgusting. We're disgusting, but is that a yes or a no? Yes. Very well. The mediation would end here. Yes. Okay. Yes. And if you don't mind, please pass me the contract so I can sign it. Sure, here it is. Let's do it. Yes, Natalia. What? Stop, stop, Luis. Wait, I'm putting you on speaker. What is it? Speak now. That's it, guys. It's all over. What's all over? There's no case. No one will go on trial. But how? Are you sure? Yes, % sure. Why? We've been very lucky. We located the IRS official and he wrote the report. A reasonable man, open to hearing proposals and let's say we came to an understanding. We'll have to recognize his help. It will cost us. But the report will be amended to say that the fraud is not more than , euros. No one will go to prison. We'll have to pay a fine. At most, an administrative fine. The important thing is it doesn't matter what the judge says. Those who sure will smell the rat are those of the UDEF. They'll be watching for some time. So you have to be careful, but just carry on as always. As if nothing happened. Keep going with projects, meetings, calls. Hmm? Do you understand? Thanks, we'll call you later. Well, good night. If you don't need anything else from me, I'll see you on Monday. I think I ought to be allowed to have joint custody. In arriving at a decision, I have reviewed the transcripts of the case, Plus the motion submitted by Mr. Schenk on appeal And various depositions given in response. It is my ruling that total custody of Eric Bonner Should be entrusted to his mother, Jane Bonner. You can let him visit or not Games Whatever you like. I feel so Games Jane, hey! Just a minute. Who do you think you are? Just up your back way, huh? Are you o.K.? Nelson, take it easy. All right! Back to work, Back to work. All right. Pull up right here. Drop your shoulders. Great. Doing really good. What a difference, Sherri. Yeah. Oh, nice to see you. Nice to see you, too. How long you here for? Just a couple of days. Hey, Jane. I lost pounds. Great work, tiny. Let's make sure more keeps coming off Than going in. Ha ha ha! [Ringing] Hello. Hi, Lisa. It's me. Just checking on Eric. Everything o.K.? Perfect. Want to talk to him? Yeah. Hi, mom. Hi. How's my guy? Cool. Isaac and I are doing video games. I'm sorry, Jane. Sorry. No, no. It's o.K. I got to go, honey. I just wanted to get my machine. It's all yours. Thanks. Good. Haven't gotten around to taking your class. My schedule's a bit hectic. Yeah, yeah. Well, it's still there. Yeah, I know. I'm going to take it. Must be hard, all that traveling. You get used to it. Yeah. Listen, how late are you working tonight? Um, forever. I got to get back. I don't mean to be forward, Or anything, but Games would you like to have a drink with me afterwards? Tonight, you mean. Hmm. Tonight. You realize I have to stay Till the last body's been carried out. O.K., If that's what it takes. Yeah. Sure. Great. Great. Ooh, la, la. Sssst. So, how'd you get this job? Um Games my friend Tory. Yeah. After my divorce, I wasn't so confident about the job market, So took what I could get. Did I meet Tory? Blonde instructor, short hair. Oh, yeah. I know. Anyway, that's how I started there. It's almost enough for the two of us to live on. The two of you? Mm-Hmm. My son Eric. Aha! He's . Love him a lot. Sounds like a great kid. I'd like to meet him. You would? Sure, sure. Well, I'm used to guys Who have their coats on Before I finish saying child. I work a lot with young people Out in San Francisco And all around the country. I run these confidence-Building groups. Really? It sounds new agey. No. No, it doesn't. It's good, very hands-On. There you go, folks. Hmm. Thanks. What? What? You're looking at me. Oh. Oh, sorry. I, um Games like you. Ha ha! My alarm bells are going off. Yes. I think I know what you mean. We don't have to worry about waking him Because he's away for the night. Did I say that? I think you did Games about times. You want your keys? Oh. Ohh Games that's what it feels like. It's o.K. I'm tame. Just give me a drink, and I'll go. Yeah. Drink. You know, I, uh Games I don't do this sort of thing, In case you were wondering. I Games Ha ha! Neither do I, except Games I really like you Games and I think we like each other. It's Games amazing. Hmm Games why don't I get that drink Before you leave for California? Come here. [Keys drop] Hi, mom. Oh, hi. I thought you were at Lisa's. I woke up early. Is there any Games Uh, hi. Who are you? Um, well, this is Games Patrick. Why are you here? Well, uh Games I'm a friend of your mother's. Did he sleep over? You must be, um Games um, Eric. You want some breakfast, honey? Right. Well, uh Games well, Eric. Your mom's told me all about you. So, where's the coffee, Eric? Ask her. I'll make it. O.K. Eric, eh? Yes. Well, uh Games my stepfather was called Eric. Eric Brody. Played second base for the cubs. Chicago cubs? Mm-Hmm. You play? Eric's a second baseman, too, in peewee league. No kidding! I guess we should meet formally then. Patrick Brody. Eric Bonner. Mm-Hmm. Firm's better.

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