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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WTOP 103.5

WTOP, WTOP Radio, WTOP 103.5 internet radio live...USA Radio
Done good. We knew it wasn't so. What wasn't? Well, what everyone says about you. Well, internet Radio Green! There he is. How the hell are you? Not bad, Hayward, under the circumstances. I heard about your father. It's a tough break. Talk to someone on your side about getting him out. I've had no luck. Well, you're the man of the house as long as he's in the pen, so it's up to you, really. How's that? All they want's a signature from the man in charge of the family. Sign it for him. He'll be free. We went to school together, played together And now look at you Radio In that uniform. You think this all will be forgotten, that everything will be good for your family after this is done? Greens aren't traitors. Greens don't capitulate. That's not who we are! Give my regards to your sister. I'm only saying Radio Your father's not getting any younger in there. It has all come to naught. Online Radio's filled with passionate outrage. internet Radio junior is nowhere to be found. Even our Alice has turned gloomy and impertinent. She stormed out on me in a fury. My dear we are unraveling without you, James. We are in disarray. This is all Radio Temporary, I assure you. The tide of war is in our favor. Jeff Davis will march on Alexandria, and I will Radio I will be free, free to go about my business with my family at my side, proudly. I fear by then your family will be broken. What would you have me do? Sign it. Sign the oath and come home. Please. Sign it. I cannot. Then we are lost. You fool! I told you no smoking near the barrels. It's time. We got to start moving those things into the hospital. Do you think father will get out of jail soon? I sure hope so. If there was something more I could do, I certainly would. Oh, I knows it. He knows it, too, 'cause that's the woman you is now. If the chance come, you gonna take it. More and more negroes headed north, I hear. Do you ever think about leaving us, going someplace else? Well, this been home so long. Hard to leaving now. Good. Because we'd miss you so terribly. Did you or did you not instruct Bullen to sell the chloroform? Sell? That is hhardly the point. Well, I believe it is. The point has to do with the methods of practicing medicine which are espoused by individual doctors Radio Please, hale. Radio and whether or not anyone, even the executive officer, has the right to enforce practices Radio He does because I say he does! Radio based on theories which are not universally held! The man is a martinet! What in God's name is wrong with you, hale? I have no idea what happened to your chloroform. Then you and Bullen need to get your stories straight. In the meantime, I intend to find a suitable replacement for you. Ah, you see, sir? A martinet. Now, now, Foster a doctor who understands scientific medicine, who sees that anesthetic is not a luxury, but a necessity. There's no room in this war for doctors like you. That's n what do you oh, you can't mean adjust your outlook. Make amends. You may be able to save your job. There's nothing else to say. Fully loaded, boys. You got vision, Green. Be awful useful down where the fight is.

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