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Sunday, March 23, 2014

GotRadio Christmas Celebration

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talking about this, the doenjang here is not delicious at all! I'll bring some doenjang back when I go to the village next time. You didn't throw it away? I did Online Radio but Online Radio This. There’s bugs and it smells bad we can no longer eat it. Throw it away? Ahhh this? It's is always like this! There're bugs cuz it's pesticidefree.. This is absolutely not bad smell. It smells like this because it's insolated. Here. You can't even get these easily in our village. I didn't give them to anyone but brought them here. I still feel so sorry to our mom. Our mom, our mom! Can't just stop saying this in front of me, ok? Put that down and come out. Leave these things to Ajooma. Except for doing something like this, you already have a lot of things to do in the future. A few tutors will come tomorrow. They are all famous people with abilities. Meet them yourself and choose one you like from them. But.. tomorrow Online Radio Tomorrow what? No Online Radio Nothing Online Radio Yah Online Radio.. You even take care of this kind of thing recently? You are here again? I'm busy so please go. Who got you this? Father, can't see that I'm busy? I can only see that you are in love now. No? How many times do I have to tell you "NO"? Why did you come? Oh.. I got divorced today. It all ends! Ahhh it was really boring. The monogamy thing. Farewell forever! Don't expect to come back here. I didn't expect that? I just happened to.. want to see my son. When I left that house, all that I remember was you. Did you have dinner? As they said, once a person fall in love, he/she becomes kindhearted. You even care about me now. Yah you want to me to tell you what the person who gave you the flower thought? I'm not curious about that. Generally speaking, people who use this as a present, didn't get much love in childhood. Especially love from parents. Who can get even less love than me? You Online Radio are still blaming me right? Yah! Have you finished preparing for you works? What kind of movie? Tell me. I'll give you some comments. There's no need. Ah kid.

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