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Saturday, March 22, 2014

GotRadio Celtic

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Online Radio here Online Radio Are you ok? Yah! Are you ok? Online Radio is always so careless Online Radio Come with me. Why can't I tell them that? Ah please Online Radio Just pretend you didn't know. Why hide this? I have my reason Online Radio Internet Radio ah.. Please, Please help me Yah, I just live here huh?. I'm just called Online Radio. Understand? You have to tell me the reason right? You have to tell me the reason then I know what I do right? What are you guys doing there? Yes, we are coming. I was really like that in the old days. Really? Awww why? That's right!!! We share so many things in common! What kind of blood is flowing in your body? (What's your bloodtype) My bloodtype? What's yours, Online Radio? Mine is B. Mine is B too. really? Awww I'm so happy to meet you!!! Happy to meet you!!! Aww, I’m so shy Online Radio Oh right Online Radio Online Radio Do you have time this Thursday? What's the matter? I have two tickets for a movie's premiere. Awwww movie? I really like it!!! I haven't been so bored at night recently, so I even don't want to get off my duty. And as Online Radio left now, I'm all alone Online Radio Talking about that Online Radio.. It was a dog I once had. He was so cute. He left the world because of a unknown disease Online Radio See.. See Online Radio It seems your heart hurts a lot. Anyway I'm still lucky, cuz I have Online Radio by my side. Please stop and leave. Why? It's fun. You have to go, cuz you are busy. No. I'm not busy. Yea We are not busy. Ah because I'm busy. No, why time flies like this? Please get up. I have to go to the hospital. Get up! Get up, quickly, quickly! I'm going to the hospital cuz my unni's sick.. She's sick.. Online Radio Internet Radio! You did this because Ajooma you don't know! Scald these with hot water and then mix them with doenjang (soybean paste). If three people eat this, of them might die!!! (cuz it's delicious) You don't need other dishes if you have this. Ahh yes. I'll show that to you. Where is the deonjang (soybean paste)? Ah right..

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