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Saturday, March 22, 2014

GotRadio Bluegrass

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but why you suddenly got a car? I want to take our Online Radio around and have fun so I got it. whoa really? How is it? You like this car? Of course! This is my first time riding this kind of car. But where are we going now? Well Online Radio Where does our Online Radio want to go? Whoa! Director you are so cool! Director Online Radio Hop in! Ahh Online Radio I Online Radio I'll ride you home. Hop in! It's alright for me to take a bus Online Radio I'll ride you home. Hop in. Ahh Online Radio I have a date today.. so.. Where is the date? I'll ride you there. No Online Radio Actually that place is quite far away so.. I said I'll ride you Online Radio No Online Radio bus..subway..take..No..really Online Radio Director! Aww what's it?! You got a car? Oh, right. Yahh It is awesome! I should try it. Hop in please! Yah! Director. What was the discount you received? Secondhand cars are so good these days huh? It's a new car. Aiyee, what's wrong with secondhand. But, Director.. You hadn't been touching a car for long. Why did you suddenly have the mood? Yea.. I didn't know what was wrong at that time Online Radio Did you hit a cat or something? A friend of mine once hit a cat by accident and he can't drive since then. Cats become a problem these days. Where's your date? Online Radio. Yes? Ah.. Where is.. it? I don't have the date any more.. Just let me down anywhere. You are sick? I'll ride you home then. Home? You've been to Online Radio's home? yea.. When? You imma talk to much. Be quiet. Stay there. Alright, go back. See you tomorrow. Online Radio! Ah! What's up?! Oh my.. How are you? Yes. Ahh.. Online Radio's friend? Yes I'm Online Radio's best friend! Oh go in and have a cup of tea? No Online Radio Director is very very busy now. No, I'm not busy. Let's go in and have a cup of tea? OK! What would you like to drink? Coffee? Black tea? Green tea? Internet Radio tea You like exactly the same thing as me! Internet Radio tea. That's my favorite. Please wait for a moment I'll make the tea for you. Thank you. Online Radio, it's far for you to go to work here huh.

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