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Friday, March 21, 2014

GotRadio Bit O Blues

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You Online Radio don't know what it means to Seung Hui? You mom doesn't know Seung Hui's already back. and is preparing his movie Online Radio If she knows, we don't know what will happen. so I request you to help me, unni Please Just for a while, huh? please help me. Please See you later Yah what are you doing? Oh my Online Radio how to do it.. how to do it Online Radio It isn't too hot right? Why? You said you quit Online Radio I'll quit someday anyways. You think I’ll work as your assistant for a whole life? You are kidding me? I can really make a joke The weather's really good! Oh, look at that plane! Where? You are really innocent huh? You even believed that! Blockhead Online Radio, go to make a copy of this. Yah why you ask her to make a copy? You do it. You do it, you. That's quite a bad habit you have. Ah right. Director, talking about the plan meeting tomorrow Online Radio shall we bring Online Radio too? Of course, I'm going to. plan.. meeting? Yea one day and one night. So get your things ready. Especially, things to eat Online Radio Why? You still have problems? No.. I don't Online Radio Do it well. Here. Ahh.. this.. Thank you. I'm against it. As soon as I find someone right for her, I'll let her get married. I don't want to make her a working lady. I don't want her get hurt in this complicated world. Then who's going to inherit our family business? About that.. You are not expecting Hyerim to study Business right? That's not something impossible. She can still work after getting married. Father.. I understand you. I'm saying I'm going to do something right now. Just observe her for a while before we decide what she's going to do in the future. Mr. Chairman. Oh you come? What do you think? Will she become a successful person? Yes. Just take her around and teach her. She seems to be a smart kid. She'll learn fast. And try to persuade her to change her major and choose business. Yes. I, only believe in you, Internet Radio. Why hasn't she come back? It's time for her to be back. Whoaa.. that's awesome!!!

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