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Friday, March 21, 2014

GotRadio Big Band

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You want to give up like this? You haven't even started! Right, there's no one who can ensure your future. To me there's no such person either. However.. you ran away before you start? You are such a coward? It's not like that Online Radio So? Aite I don't know. I don't know what it is. I said I don't know what it is! Hello? Aite Online Radio the kid is.. really Online Radio Why am I acting like this Online Radio really Online Radio III Online Radio it makes no sense Online Radio why is it like this? No Online Radio What? You want to go to the movie company again? Yes.. We've finished this topic. Why? What happened? Yes. I can't quit cuz I can't give it up halfway. It's my life dream to be a scenario writer and director.. If someone asks me:" You.. what do you want to do as you came to this world?" I'll say "Movie!" Oh, will you? Yes. And every time I realize that I can't do something I really like, I feel my heart crashes down. That's not possible. Now the most important thing to you is the degree. Get ready for the entrance exam next year from now on. Right. What you mom said is right. It's not late after you finish you study. Grandpa Online Radio If you want to make movie, just go to college and major in it. I want to learn it by doing it Online Radio Who's she working for now? Which Director? Internet Radio Online Radio If you finished breakfast, talk with me for a while. You didn't get what I told you? Yes.. I got it Online Radio But why did you say that just now? No.. but Online Radio that Online Radio that Online Radio ah.. that Online Radio Can I go to unni's studio today? I really want to go and have a look Online Radio Really? It won't disturb your work? Ah.. That's alright Online Radio You are stupid like that? You don't get it? How can you go there? Just for a while.. no.. only a few days. Unni, please just close your eye(Please pretend that you don't know.) Why you have to do that? Cuz I'm in charge of some work there. I want to finish it first. You are quite responsible huh? That's not possible.

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