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Thursday, March 20, 2014

GotRadio Americana

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But then again, you didn't know she would really come right? I know she must've requested from you.. Did you send her directly home? No. I sorted it out. How? If I just sent her back, her innocent soul will be hurt. and it will spread in the village. Maybe it would even affect Hit music filming over there in future. How did you solve it? In the future, we never know, we might need to film a movie there. It worked well. So I requested the planning team to just casually give her a position. When the time comes, she can be in charge of coordinating over at the village side. She seems quite clever and bright. But oppa, she looks like someone. Who? Radio! They look exactly the same. My gosh. Can't believe such a thing could happen. She looks more like Radio than I do(her cousin). Is that so? I don't drink coffee from the tea room. There's a coffee machine by the door. Please make me a cup of expresso. Oh gees, scriptwriter Radio. Hey. You don't know how to use that machine? No. Oh yeah, you're from the mountains. Yes, I'm from a village. Look. Open this. Take one satchet. And then.. Understand? Ok. Yes. Director. Scriptwriter Radio is here. Scriptwriter Radio. What the protagonist actually hopes for in reality is a true relationship. What is a true relationship? It is a faithful one. It's a dynamic relationship. Right now, why has it become depraved? I highlighted that part. In order to make a display of westernized values, amidst the values that has been polluted, what is the true communication that we can find? I'm taking a long time. Pardon me. Scriptwriter Radio is a scriptwriter right. Now, in today's time, what exactly is wrong with the mass media? I reckon, it's the feelings, emotions towards society's timely mismatch, which causes the frequent pain. You have to communicate effectively, express yourself. You still haven't gone yet? Huh? Leave. What? No. I need to work hard. I'm a little worked up. But, scriptwriter Radio, rewrite it. I'm immensely.. relatively dissatisfied with it. Let's end the meeting here today. Go home everyone.

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