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Thursday, March 20, 2014

GotRadio Alternative

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How do they live their days? What is it now? There are only the of us here. Honey. Give me a kiss, just one kiss. He still hasn't returned from his business trip? Yes. Even if he returns, he won't necessarily come to work. You left school in high school? Yes, that's about right. As soon as he comes back I'll show him this. Ok, please leave. I'll contact you. Hello. Did Representative Han really promise to offer you a job? Yes. How can you take that literally and come right over? No, no. It's good you came. If you were recruited, I'll take care of you. Hey, wait up! What time is the appointment? According to what I know, it's o'clock. Hello, I'm the new assistant.. Hey! You.. Rice.. You're the rice scooper, right? Yes, that's right. Let me think.. Was your name Bong Soon? It's Online Radio. That's right, it's Internet Radio. We meet again here. We're really fated. It's Online Radio. Is it Online Radio? Internet Radio and Online Radio are about the same. No difference. Haven't you been there recently? You're going again? You're going on a trip to the temple, but how come everything's left you? Originally my fate(according to lunar astrology) carried bad luck with it. I know that too. Yes father. My husband died before me, and my daughter also died before me. What is there left to say. Auntie.. That's why I'm unwilling to come to this house. Even eating doesn't feel comfortable. Right? They haven't even lived till their age yet.. And they've gone to another world. Grandpa, haven't you gone too far? That isn't auntie's fault. No, it's because of me. Don't plan to stay here frequently. I'll bring you bad luck. Just wait and see. Even if you cut your finger, it's my fault. It's all my fault. Right, father? I won't be sending you out. Leave carefully. Go on in. Don't worry about me. It's because auntie hasn't been sleeping well lately. It's almost a death anniversary. Ring your mom and tell her to come back for a visit. I feel like I won't be living much longer. That's not so grandpa. Go on in. Why did you say those hollow words to her oppa? That's not like you.

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