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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GotRadio AAA Boulevard

GotRadio AAA Boulevard, GotRadio AAA Boulevard Live, GotRadio AAA Boulevard Listen Online, Alternative, Adult Radio, USA

What do you think? Radio. Let me meet your mom. Hiding isn't a solution. Meet your mom. No matter if it takes times or times, begging or kneeling. Even if I have to go through this, I will convince her to agree. You don't know my mom. You don't know her. Nothing is impossible in this world. I can achieve anything. Don't worry. Here. What is it? Open it and look. Let's get married, Radio. That's too much. I think so too. I was going to find an elegant, romantic place to give you the ring. Here. Are you ok? That scared me. Sorry. I dropped the ring. Dropped it? Look for it down there. Under your legs. It's not there. Not there? Not there? Because it's on my side, of course it's not there, silly. Radio. Radio. Radio. Radio, wake up. Radio Online Radio Radio! Radio! Radio Online Radio It's ok. Director, are you feeling sick? I have a headache. We'll just edit till here today. Ok. I'm going to drink some water. Hello. What is this? Is this recording me? Hello. I'm.. my name is.. Kim.. I wonder if this can be played. Just a moment. How about I touch this and see what happens. I'm years old and am a girl with lots of dreams. Representative Han is on a business trip to Japan. When will he be back? I'm not sure. Please come back tomorrow. Online Radio, what was your childhood dream? How come I don't have any childhood dreams? Did I want to be a singer? Everyone cheers! The war has finally ended. Everyone should cheer because of that right? I won the Nobel Prize in reporting. I am, BBP's Online Radio. Cut! Hey! How many times have I told you to not cry like that? Do you know how much the film costs? Is this acting school? Do I need to teach you how to act as we film? Move out of the way. Is this the theme Radio you're dating at? Are you going to continue playing games with me? Sorry. Don't NG anymore. Be more serious. One more take. Ok, another take. Action, action! Scared stiff. The young ladies nowaday, don't seem to know what is shame. Maybe it's because my days left are running short. What? I keep hallucinating. There are so many houses.

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