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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GotRadio - 90's Alternative

GotRadio - 90's Alternative, GotRadio - 90's Alternative Live, GotRadio - 90's Alternative Listen Online, 90s, Alternative Radio, USA

Without you, this month I'll be scared alone, how will I sleep? Teacher and Hit music mom promised to visit you everyday. I'll call you everyday. Promise? Just for one month? Alright, alright. I promise, really. Only one. Promise, chop, sign, photocopy, laminate. Mom, don't cry. I'm sorry. But, I keep feeling.. Radio is really big. It looks huge. Hey, hey. What are friends for? I will only charge you a bit of rent. If I don't accept any rent, I'm afraid you'll feel bad. Thank you Hit music. The rent here costs , won per month. You can just pay , won a month. The deposit is million won. I'm basically not charging you anything. Right? Right? Right. What about the bills? We'll go halves. You are really.. too understanding. By the way, is your job going well? Of course! What was your childhood dream? Future hope. Future hope? Yeah. I Online Radio I Online Radio I.. always wanted to be a world reknowned designer. Who expected that it would come true so soon? I'm being offered jobs all over the country. Such a great disturbance. That's great. Where's your workplace? Yeok Sam Dong. Yeok Sam Dong? That's where my exboyfriend worked. Is it close to here? You're very curious as to who the guys is, right? Huh? Yeah. Since you're so interested, I'll tell you especially. In my glorious days, of course they're still glorious. Because of my beauty, I attracted lots of trouble. No, you can't die. You can't. No, you can't Online Radio No, you can't Online Radio No, don't come mom. I'll go back. I have something to do here. No, it's not that. We'll break up. I will break it off. Mom, why do you hate him so much? How can that be? Don't give me such farfetched reasons. Mom, what's so good about us? Hello? Mom. Mom! When did you get back? You haven't eaten right? I'll go cook. It's alright. Let's go out. I'll buy you something good. It would be good if you could give me a kiss. We.. let's just go somewhere nobody knows of. Somewhere my mom won't be able to find. Like the desert. Let's go somewhere like that and live together. Let's go there and never come back.

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